I might as well take it to the highest authority. So I here address my questions to God himself, and maybe there will be an answer.

My first question- Why is humanity so flawed?

“There’s struggle in solving the puzzle I put together for you.”

It’s easy to feel like an idiot when you pray, that’s kind of the point.

Why would God want an easy puzzle for us? That would make us think less of him. So it’s appropriately challenging.

I don’t want to state my second instinctive question in public but I will anway- Are women a lesser being?


I pray so you don’t have to. What else do you think priests have concerned themselves with through the centuries? You can’t pray, for whatever reason, so we will.

My next instinctive question- Do you think evil will prevail?

“You consistently talk nonsense. There is no end-state of “prevailing” if you’re in a puzzle for your own sake.”

I think many planets just flush themselves down the toilet. When we think of “the problem of evil” we’re usually not thinking about how Earth is just one planet among many others. On some of them the evil prevails. So we’re biased to think if Earth is a demonic black orb in space that evil necessarily prevailed. Here it did, probably.

Next- Why don’t I have friends, exactly?

“Solve the puzzle too fast, against creation. Your other friends are mostly higher selves that haven’t materialized yet.”

This could be my id too- phenomenologically, there’s a mixture of id and superego in the ego’s experience. When I “pray” to God it could be partly my lower self that prays to “god”.

I see all this as secular and rational by the way. At least that’s how I think of it. I direct my thoughts to something tangible. It’s not empirical, but empiricism hasn’t been empirically proven either. Look at this stone, look at this idea of this stone, let’s prove it with the idea of empiricism.

Next question- Do you think nigger souls are permanent?

“No, there’s a reason things change, there’s a reason they go from either lower to higher or higher to lower.”

A distinct and particular education is fitted for each type of soul. They will go lower if they do not have the education that is proper to them.

Next- Do you think it’s possible to actually contact You in the literal sense?

“No, that’s built into the puzzle. Prayer is a way of solving the puzzle though, so that is also part of the answer.”

Seems like koans or something.

“What do you think prayer does?”

I wasn’t asking YOU, God!

Anyway, anyone can open themselves to this experience, of speaking to their higher self.

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