Look at this, it’s never-ending- this one’s a 500 pager

Wut, how did women discover this before me, these must be bots

Anyway, Frobenius is someone Ez frequently recommends in his correspondence, alongside Del Mar.

They have it archived at Yale

More than half of those names I’ve never seen a published collection of.

Others aren’t listed above, like the following, which is a 300 pager between Ez and James Dunn

From the description of that Frobenius correspondence-

Pound’s long-term interest in anthropology and ethnography exerted a profound influence on early 20th century literary Modernism. These letters reveal the extent of the influence of Frobenius’ concept of ‘Paideuma’ on Pound’s poetic and political writings

The volume is edited by a Feldman. Seems as trustable as a coin that bends when you bite it.

I love just going wild online.

“We know that about you!” I don’t care, you don’t deserve me. Merry Christmas anyway!

Different sources online tell me the Frobenius book was published in 2015 and won’t be published until 2024. You heard that right. Something suspicious going on.

Mining his other correspondence, it looks like Ez began studying Frobenius in 1929.


Somebody else without a filter.

I’m looking at his correspondence with Laughlin. He keeps bringing up Van Buren as “the forgotten president” in this one too.

Ez refers to Frobenius as “Geheimrat” which is the title of the highest advising officials at the Imperial, royal or princely courts of the Holy Roman Empire.

So, Leo Frobenius was an ethnologist who carried out a dozen expeditions to Africa.

Oh here we go… someone who’s written extensively on Atlantis.

There’s a watercolor of an expedition

Both he and Plato believed “it” was in the Northern Africa region.

Here is the man himself

I was moved to silent melancholy at the thought that this assembly of degenerate and feeble-minded posterity should be the legitimate guardians of so much loveliness.

Ez tells W.L. to read Kulturgeschichte Afrikas.

Buried anthropologist

I guess I’m grateful for archive.org because I can jump through like 10 correspondences


The Frobenius Institute possesses 8,300 copies of rock art. The oldest is from 28,000 years ago…

All sorts of enigmatic statements pertaining to Frobenius in the correspondence

He keeps associating him with presidents

A time lag before things are published? Sometimes a time lag of 150 years…?

He contrasts these two multiple times

This again in 1950

So Ez thinks the history of monetary crimes is buried and the origin of humanity is buried. And that these two things are connected.

Just now learning of this one too

250 pages.

Yeah? I’ll believe it when I see it

Other people I’ve never heard of

Agresti was an Englishwoman who sympathized with Mussolini’s reforms.

Elsewhere in their correspondence Ez links someone named Zielinsky with Frobenius and Del Mar. I can’t find any information on him.

What Ez wanted translated into English, Erlebte Erdteile, is still not translated, to my knowledge.

Ez expounds on Frobenius in his Guide to Kulcher.

For Ez he’s key for creating a new civilization

It’s kind of refreshing to take a break from Ez’s schizo letters and read his formal writings

It seems so random for him to think of an anthropologist so highly. Rock art? What is its meaning to Ez? Still a mystery to me.

Douglas Claughton Fox was Ez’s primary contact with the Frobenius Institute.

This article is dispelling some of the mystery

Ez says that volume IV of Erlebte Erdteile is most accessible. He thinks of this guy in the same breath as Homer and Dante??

Ez compares him to “superficial Spengler”. Of COURSE such a writer would not be translated by the niggers.

It’s because they’re sick

Though I suppose this is rather true in my experience

Ez says Frobenius’ 20 volumes need to be read before one can write serious art criticism.

Anyway, just some genealogical digging

it isn’t [Frobenius’] discovery of lost tribes that is important, but that it is his method of discovery that is important.

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