Walking through the snow and thinking about Ez. He walked through the snow around this place. It’s weird to think that some of these writers had the same experience as us. The snow the cold the ice the ZOG the half-friends you try to talk to about it.

Any “classic” writer had the exact same experience you have right now. A person, reading something. Do you smell dinner and bed soon?

Ezra paid the price, they put him in the insane asylum.

That proves his spirit. One of the only good Americans, in the class of the founders. That’s what they had to suffer in the 20th century.

There are further levels, like Lewis though. Thinking little of Pound. This is because England was already part of the historical black-out.

Lewis saw Pound the way Lawrence saw Franklin.

Pink Floyd said it best

This is the Redcoats’ revenge on the American levelers.

“So what do you think of British people who think of you as lowly?”

Are they James Bond? If not, they’re laughable to me. My ideal is BOND, and there is no ANGLO TWAT who exemplifies that ideal, do you hear? Show me a bri’ish bund m’scsuse me miss, ime sarry.

Brits fell down into the sewer of the void forever. There has never been a Bond replicant among you brits. It took an american to do that.

It’s all still secret isn’t it. It’s because you’re bought and sold by kike niggers.

When you lose control, you reap the harvest you have sown.

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