Everyone is forced to be so dull these days so I only find entertainment from people of the previous century

Since women are triggered by the name “Virginia” I’ll just call her Woolf.

Who’s afraid of Woolf? Not Lewis.

My own intuition about Woolf is that she’s been over-inflated as part of the Shekina project. Many such cases, not just with women. All the white niggers you see in public are usually half-people who’ve been over-inflated for kike purposes. -Kermit sipping tea- But I doubt anyone will ever admit that.

Remember Lewis’s critique of Woolf is in a book I can’t access. This might be a coincidence or not, but his accessible Hemingway chapter from that is especially vicious.

We discussed her Three Guineas before

In the linked-to post I have to confess I “took a fall”, which I sometimes do for women. I.e. I try to give them a treat from time to time that is not as severe as usual.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if someone actually did send Woolf a letter asking about her opinion. She could’ve just fabricated that in order to respond to Lewis’s critique with more “poise”. Novelists are notorious liars after all (that’s their business).

It’s up to your own imagination why I find this so entertaining

I like Woolf though, and I think Lewis did too, which is why he attacked her. The type of woman that is just a “soulless hole” isn’t enough of a person to devote much time criticizing. A fleshlight with a social security number that you have to buy jewels for. Woolf was palpably more than that.

Do you see the structure of this dynamic though? Woolf’s Three Guineas is known but the person it is responding to is buried. So you only get the feminism without the initial man’s critique. Many such cases in the contemporary world. Oh Virginia, you’re precious.

There must be something special about Woolf though because she’s prominent not only in Men Without Art but also Apes of God and Revenge for Love. One might take her as THEE feminist icon of Lewis’s England.

I just relate to the anti-hero of A Clockwork Orange in relation to women, and I think Lewis was similar. I don’t think the Marquis de Sade goes far enough. There are tortures he never imagined.

Anyway, like I said before, Woolf is #canceled these days for being an aristocratic woman. And she was partially responsible for her own undoing. She was part of the forces behind the Regression of the Castes. This is why feminism generally is a suicidal impulse or one with the “death drive”. If you want to lower standards and equalize men and women that means you’re going to equalize aristocratic women and basic bitch women. No, you’re not just a hole- you’re a cow too because you have those udders. You’re a hole AND udders. This is what the typical pleb woman is and nothing else.

Men these days are just as much objects so it’s not something to feel too bad about. If you have to hide your superior you’re just a thing. I’m writing almost entirely to things here, and there’s an emptiness to that.

Contemporary men might as well be Woolf. They have the bravery and honor of a woman, which is to say they don’t have any.

Male white niggers are boosted in society just the way Woolf was. They’re all one with the diminishment of culture and humanity. The crime family wants lots of weak, uncreative pussies around so everyone thinks that’s “normal”.

Imagine writing to such “people”. Yet here I am.

Lewis speaks of a mountain where it’s possible for women to congregate away from the herd, and I try to be such a mountain at least, so theoretically I am writing to that type.

They should try to be subtler really, it’s pretty embarrassing what they unwittingly reveal about their psychology

Secondary literature on the relation between these two literary giants is so paltry. Let’s just say it’s not written from Lewis’s perspective.

I’m just relying on second-hand accounts because that book of his is absent from the internet

This is an important relation to understand since Woolf is one of the most important women of the 20th century.

In Revenge for Love, the Woolfian archetype is Margot.

You can look into that yourself, I don’t feel like talking to subhumans at the moment.

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