I found a pdf that’s basically just a collection of memes. People should make more of those. Especially considering memes, at times, can be more worthwhile than anything the publishing houses print.

This is too real


I know this was a mistake somewhere down the line in my lineage

I think the Saxons use their vast territories around the world to distract themselves from the destruction of the human spirit they’ve sown. It’s like having a few huge farms and all the crops rotting on them and being proud.

So I appreciate this one

This kind of tells you everything

Whoever put together this pdf seems like they’re 20 though. I could only find a few good pages in it. I just like the general idea of putting memes together into books, perfect for a coffee table, etc.

I found it in this massive pdf dump here. Scroll through, I bet you’ll see something you’ve never seen before. I’ve mostly seen it all at this point though. Not to brag but I still think my site contains the most comprehensive collection of reactionary literature on the internet. So I don’t have motivation to do much these days, because I’ve said everything that needs to be said. So, for instance I feel like going for a walk instead of writing. Click that link though, I guarantee you’ll spot some unheard of books.

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