Let’s try to have a boxing match between two of the master races

The Tragic Muse can even less be said to be “in” London, one third of the novel being so conspicuously “in” Paris. The Tragic Muse is rather more like a literary war between the two nations, written by an American onlooker, his national animus concealed or suppressed, his French preferences quite in the open.

So relatively speaking, Old England was a shithole just as it is now?

I’m focusing on France here because the first two James books Pound recommends are about said country.

You know I’m like this- I’m not content with aristocracy, I’m interested in the aristocracy OF the aristocracy.

Men are allowed to do that to women though

Oh that’s just a digression cuz I found it funny. I have an impulsive whip-hand that needs to regularly, rhythmically lash women.

Alice has lots of thoughts on the French too. She thinks they don’t love their offspring, “the heart refuses to love”. She says their novels have too many affairs and lots of bastards, and grows weary of it, preferring the kind with legitimate offspring. Sounds like something a woman would think about.

“We’re all the same”

They commonly say Alice was a hysteric. That’s what prompted me to write that post earlier.

Alice is too gossipy, I’m going back to Henry

It seems that today France is considered beneath England in terms of Realpolitik, so if James is right about this contrast here that’s unfortunate.

The first 1/3rd of the The Tragic Muse is set in Paris, and the characters spend the second 2/3rds in London, wishing they were back in Paris.

Henry James is too white, that’s why no one ever mentions him.

Wyboi lyke Koe-chuh!

Yep, we get bored really easily. Explains everything about us.

Do you think being in a certain place would bring out “the real you”?

Being in the US does not bring out people’s best. Brings out the scum filth if anything. If there’s an excess of filth in a place though, eventually it will be too much, and self-consciousness will develop, as we see in the case of our “reactionaries”–i.e. we are REACTING to that. “All is One”, yes, we exist in unity with you as a reaction to your abhorrent nature. Aww, niggerhead, don’t take it personally.

What if an American was just dropped somewhere and they instantly changed?

I spiritually “dropped myself” in 19th century Germany.

Maybe a “Paris” of today is somewhere like Norway. Oooh you’re finally white and love culture, and are your best self, good job.

“Don’t you remember her that day at Peter’s, in Paris?” It is as if people hardly existed out of Paris or at any other time.

This hellhole country. It isn’t enough of a solace to have created an internet-based sanctuary here.

The real Paris is mudworld-ratkiked just like here though so don’t wander off into any romantic sentiments about it because of the connotation of the name. That old Paris is gone.

Now that I’m older in life I think I’m beginning to prefer Henry James to William James.

Which is ironic, given that philosophy is higher than literature. But Henry is such a philosophical novelist.

“You can’t make these distinctions, not in OUR DEMOCRACY.” Piss. Off.

Americans are just waste, that’s why I always compare them to excrement. The food was eaten here in the mid-nineteenth century, and the 21st century people here are the waste that flows out afterward.

We had a good run (well, not really), and now I’m looking for a Paris. So I can be myself, unconstrained by the various NIGGER factions. I mostly am already, I just expect having a milieu similar to myself, and face to face, would be optimal.

So basically, once these characters are in London they’re dead. They were only alive in Paris. They continually refer back to their time in Paris.

James has an extensive bibliography too.

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