This is 1880s Henry James

What was France really like before the French Revolution 2.0?

From numerous reports I’ve read it seems to have been a model civilization, at least compared to the US we have today.

Everyone already has that stereotype about it. Talking about Paris is like talking about Roger, or talking about paintings. Well I don’t have a pretentious bone in my body–maybe you could tell from all the slang I’m always slinging–so I don’t have reluctance to either talk or not talk about these things. I’m just easily bored, and want all the nice things, to relieve my boredom.

People who absorb all the nice things tend to be less boring.

This was one of James’s favorites

I must not speak, however, as if I had discovered the provinces. They were discovered, or at least revealed, by Balzac, if by any one, and are now easily accessible to visitors.

After being Americanized I’m not sure if they are still accessible. We have these old writers for that.

This is how James describes Balzac on the Touraine of old France

He must have a vague conviction that he can only lose by almost any change. Fortune has been kind to him: he lives in a temperate, reasonable, sociable climate, on the banks of a river

“I don’t care about those French!!” You must be happy living in your pig-pen known as the US. You like your manurey straw and fellow swine? You love your Farmer Imbecile, don’t you.

I want to explore a different time and place.


Wypipo need to STOP with their SUPREMACY

Our whole political order today is based on kike jealousy. Go live in your sand dunes and fire rocket launchers at your fellow coons!

The hook-nose is their equivalent of being a “raghead”, except in their case, they can’t take it off. Well, without surgery, which many of them get to hide their dunecoon origins.

I wonder how much niggerfilth they’ve vindictively poured into Touraine since the second french revolution.

It’s possibly a “lowkey” place I shouldn’t even be talking about

You don’t want many Muhammad Al-Branededbi’s dragging their knuckles around such places.

It’s possible that the survivors of the guillotine all congregated in a certain province.

“Why would you always speak so favorably of them when they probably would never want anything to do with you?” I see them as beneath me for being so quiet. I just expect a kindred spirit there, which I don’t find from typical Americans.

Maybe it’s just me, I just think these timid aristos don’t deserve these places compared to people who’ve actually contributed to culture

Maybe it IS just me.

Nah, weak-willed mealy-mouths deserve nothing.

Besides a SMITING in the public square.

I don’t know if I should even be talking about this place though

The white caps of the women glittered in the sunshine, and their well-made sabots clicked cheerfully on the hard, clean roads. Touraine is a land of old châteaux

Shekel-Americans will probably want to “tour” it now. Please no. 150 pounds of vomit in a bag they call their skin. I say these things from the perspective of Nietzsche, who was above any Frenchman that ever lived. If we have any bastions left, they shouldn’t be tainted by nauseating Americans.

Yup, we do lots of “LARPing” here, that totally isn’t the product of REAL FEELING and CLEAR THINKING.

Have you guys even bothered to read Franki yet, outside my writings on him? He’s one of the only remaining ones like this in Russia.

Passing over in silence some things James is saying here.

I already painted a bullseye target on Argentina, Norway, Iran, etc.

A place where everyone isn’t a NIGGER- imagine. What an evil, to be a place where everyone isn’t a NIGGER.

I imagine certain demographics get quite uppity and bitter when they hear it put that way.

Well, why is that? Do you consider yourself not a human or something? That’s the only explanation for feeling bitter.

Here we have “high society” in the US

Completely leveled, massified, all the way to the top.

What would occur if there were pockets of people that didn’t happen to? Wow, one might guess those people were MORE FIT TO GOVERN.

Gotta git rid of em, so only NIGGERS exist, and they can be PROUD OF THEMSELVES FOR BEING APES.

The true meaning of communism.

Tourangeau are thinking “That’s how we’ve survived, not being loud like you.” Survive and that’s it. A nothing with a name, in most cases. Most certainly would be perceived as a disgrace in your family tree.

Anyway, Ez being a fanboy of James explains a lot about him. We have these chains of initiation.

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