The only place you find exclamation points about this stuff is on the Sinonet

What could this Chinaman possibly mean by this?

Breed summin like dis guy on da moon

They expect to have a lunar base by 2040-2045.

Doesn’t this make you “beam widely”?

This design won a contest in China-

All that’s left for us adventurer types

Similar to talking about entheogens, this is my rhythm, to examine these designs

It’s mind-boggling how something like this can be built entirely from resources already present on the moon

The white we see up in the sky is misleading- the white contains an abundance of minerals.

Talk about how travel to Touraine would change you- imagine how this would change you

No one will even think about America in the 23rd century

I wonder what political-religion will be in the air at this time.

Life probably won’t be too different

I wonder to what extent the Chinese will restrict entry for the Norman survivors

This, except with philosophy

I have a feeling types like Spengler won’t be thought of much, and Euros will just be speaking Mandarin.

Kids will think “it was always like this”

Bio-enhanced chingchong children

Not much interesting news to report lately though.

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