The Bailiff has returned to his homeland of Hell!

Arabic is a Semitic language, that’s probably the one Lewis is hinting at here, right?

Malign Fiesta is his final major work. It’s the Inferno stage of the cycle.

The Bailiff

I am an Oriental, you see. The happy life for you is a very different thing from what it is for me.

Matapolis is the name of the Bailiff’s home city in Hell where this takes place. There, only two types of people exist- sinners and punishers.

The Bailiff and his family are referred to as human-nephilim hybrids, the latter half of whom found Heaven to be too sterile and engaged in carnal relations with mortals.

This is Pullman. He is explicitly referred to as white multiple times.

The notion that living one’s life to torment others is inhuman makes the old lady cackle. She’s proud to be inhuman.

Another detail of this novel- French is a popular language that is spoken in Matapolis.

A snapshot of Lewis’s Inferno

the beasts soon kill the women, they are so violent. As they fornicate, they eat. They bite mouthfuls out of them… They will eat a woman—eat all the flesh of her arms away, eat off her breasts as a piece of fun.

This is Satan (Sammael) speaking to Pullman, who he’s giving a tour by car.

Remember, Pullman is here because he allied closely with the Bailiff.

The Bailiff doesn’t have power here like he did in Purgatory

It was because of his persuasion and promises that I came here with him. But it is not the place he gave me to understand it was. And, once here, he is unable to help us.

What do you think Lewis is implying here?

This is sort of like the equivalent to Ez’s rock-drill cantos. Lewis died before he wrote a Thrones.

“I need to PUNISH for not being born a male golden retriever!”

Anyway, Lewis portrays Sammael in a somewhat positive light. The Sinners deserve what they get for their actions on Earth. Sammael tells the Bailiff he misunderstood the meaning of “the devil” when he spread vice throughout Purgatory. The Bailiff mistakenly believed he was carrying out Sammael’s interests. For this, Sammael orders the Bailiff to be punished. The Bailiff crawls on his hands and knees, begging and kissing Sammael’s feet to change his mind but Sammael is adamant.

There’s also a scene where International Capital makes a cameo

“Symbolic Britain” is also an abstract character being tortured in Lewis’s Inferno. This one is portrayed as friends with the abstract character above.

That’s enough Hell for now.

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