Now that we’ve dwelt on the poets and prosateurs for some times now I am slipping back into myself (that was my version of “descending to the shells”).

The poets will always be my enemy because they are always talking out of the side of their mouth.

This is why I tend to discuss the nonfiction the fiction writers have written. So you finally want to talk to me without a mask, that’s nice.

Artists are a type of masked-philosopher who do a dance for the crowd.

Though, some of the retards they put out these days are probably crowd and nothing else.

I’m not speaking “theoretically” but from direct experience- artists shrink down to “people-size”.

Their specific craft is they know how to create a hall of mirrors between the forms and the people. And the final, most idiotic form, is them, “the artist”.

This is shitposters too, they’re all a kind of artist.

Does no one else care about depicting reality without the thought of the disgusting rabble in mind?

Waal we have the good Orthodox clergy of Elista and Franki, with few exceptions.

“They betray the people with their truthfulness!”

No, what’s organic is for priest-types to speak with each other, and the artificial present-conditions have left us with no choice but to talk openly on back-alleys of the internet.

In an ideal world the worthless scum of humanity wouldn’t have to hear what we talk about amongst ourselves.

“And THAT is why we need art.” Sure thing, you’re probably part of the scum, making art that reflects your nature.

So this is why this old dialectic exists between philosophy and art. Because one, unchecked, leads to futile distance from the people, and the other, unchecked, leads to destructive over-closeness with the people.

And now imagine a society where the artists more or less have merged with the lowest masses. They’d want to hide philosophy completely wouldn’t they?

Instead of a hall of 5 mirrors it’s a hall of 50 mirrors which absolutely obscure the truth.

So at the end of the day I don’t care about the “poet canon” because none of them can speak directly. I like the letters of Ez because he’s not a poet there!

I descended to your shells only to expose how entwined you are with the fallen segment of humanity.

Also, I like some of the halls of mirrors out there.

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