You didn’t think that I was done with Lawrence yet did you? More of his literary criticism is giving me a chuckle

Huxley was only ‘half a man’ as a writer, ‘a sort of precious adolescent’; and Thomas Mann ‘is old and we are so young … the man is sick, body and soul.’

Huxley truly was a waste of artistic genius. Supreme world-builder but with so little substance. People read Brave New World and emerge on the plane of critiquing ~Neoliberalism~. With other writers from his generation there are less basic bitch results.

I think many many people today follow the Huxley model of revealing only a pseudo-dystopia. Some can be real convincing and stylish. Or we’ll say that Huxley reveals the surface details of the dystopia while giving the impression that those surface details are details of depth. They talk about “soma” but not who distributes the soma, and what the actual effects are that soma has on society.

Right right you already know that. Let’s take this to another level-

It’s arguably the innocence of a grown jewish man whose innocence needs protecting rather than a young girl’s, but this is an apt metaphor. What the soma is doing to the population is too painful to think about it, so the knowledge is suppressed, that way the distributors of the soma and their family can live with a sense of false innocence.

Lawrence seems to be aware of something like this

If anything over the years I’ve detected a stark ambivalence. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. The innocent maiden loathes you for an evasion and loathes you for the truth. I’m not sure if this is caused by the BPD epidemic or not.

This is a laugh

Adult jews might as well be the young, in needing to be shielded from danger.

It’s why all of our media is so congested and hackneyed. It’s under constant pressure to protect the feelings of manbabies.

They need their soma! Their soma of suppression and repression. Must be something like a bottle of milk or a binky.

It’s futile to take their bottle away and tell them it’s time for them to start using a glass.

And given the whimsy of the innocent maidens, that leaves one rather unmotivated to speak.

Lawrence has an interesting theory

He thinks women cycle from modern to unmodern again. And from unmodern to modern.

I wish we could just skip some of these phases (I won’t say which but you can use your imagination to determine my opinion)

The cut-it-out girl is part of the unspeakable “soma”.

Lawrence you don’t know anything about that, women were in like the respected spouse stage in your time.

The soma of being pussy-whipped. That is indeed a soma I would say. A slumber, a bottle of milk for the manbabies.

“Just leave society the way it is, just shut your mouth.” It’s going to remain the way it is no matter what I say, so there’s no reason to shut my mouth.

I wonder if he has a point here

Even if it were scientifically proven that they’d be happier without “independence” I doubt many of ours would change.

There’s no one to change them anyway

Tommy may not be scared of his own individual Elsie, but when he sees her with her scores of female “pals,” let him bluff as he may, he is frightened.

This collection of essays he published at the end of his life isn’t nearly as good as the one on American literature but it’s making me laugh a little

100 years ago this was already the case, and men today are only even better trained.

Both jews and women are holding a knife blade against you, threatening you not to discuss “soma”.

It is all an attitude, and one day the attitude will become a weird cramp, a pain, and then it will collapse. And when it has collapsed, and she looks at the eggs she has laid, votes, or miles of typewriting, years of business efficiency–suddenly… all she has done will turn into pure nothingness to her.

I’m bored of words, too many words, see ya.

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