What’s he giving the boy?

A mystery

I’m now looking at theological art and saints

Do you think there are this many in our society?

No geburah means no repentance, no growth

Here we have our typical nun

And then we have the typical anonymous troll

Most of the people I quote here look like him. Men of immense learning. We should formally make that the highest ideal.

The only true royalty in the world

Maybe I’ve been a demon like one of these to a genuine saint out there. If I was in the wrong please forgive me.

I have to use the Rusnet to find images like this but we really do have lots of saints in our own culture throughout history

I’m sure I’ve only located a fraction of them. I think it’s difficult for future generations to decipher what they are.

Some sad old man who dropped dead alone in the mountains and left behind a book of fables no one understands today

You only have your own conscience to weigh them

You see there are some things words can’t explain

There probably are some Americans who live in these places and keep quiet about it

Others are pigs in nun’s garb and like to tell themselves they do.

Isn’t this picture real?

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