Just keeping track of the post-Heideggerian history of philosophy, and there are some indisputable signs in Dugin’s latest that France and Russia are already one. The “Russian Laruelle” – hopefully that’s taken as an insult.

It reminds me of how “Abraham” Lincoln as a young boy had memorized sections of the Old Testament. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case for Dugin as well.

Your own daughter was murdered, your country is at war for the ultimate price, and you’re quoting jews. What a nigger. What ever happened with the emancipation of the Russian peasants anyway? Were they ever emancipated or did they just start reading philosophy books from the west and think they had an “equal” right to speak about them?

In times of trouble, quote Hebrew.

Heidegger would feel very sorry for you, Mr. Dugin. He would feel sorry for all of us. You just happen to be one with any intelligence in our time, so he’d feel especially sorry for you.

You could easily write about the Talmud or Zohar or Luria, and instead you write about the retard goy book known as the Old Testament. You have officially stepped into the nigger camp. You are Ukraine. You have betrayed your own people. I speak to a Ukrainian.

Your own daughter is murdered and you quote jews. The most pathetic display I’ve seen in a long time. You have nothing to lose at this point, you lost the only thing you ever cared about to ZOG, and you’re quoting jews like a good Abraham Lincoln.

Just more evidence that after Heidegger died the history of philosophy was over.

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