This is a funny search isn’t it

Nothing worth clicking, I’m sure.

Let’s just do a personal meditation on this conflict.

Heidegger was cowardly for hiding behind ontology.

He was a university man. He enjoyed the status.

Pound didn’t care about any of that, and he addressed “ontology” head-on, without needing to even refer to it as that. Did Pound know the word “ontology”?

A university man Heidegger was, he was in the tradition of Hegel of being bound by the state.

“Institutional philosophy” what a joke that is.

Pound was swimming in the ocean at Rapallo while this clown was giving Apollonian lectures about “philosophy”.

Want to know what “philosophy” is? Not needing a breast milk institution to suckle on.

Pound was doing breaststrokes,
this is Canto 125 or whatever it was
To hell with you Browning or whatever it was

No, Heidegger had a graver insight to be sure.

This is the top-kraut and the top-hamburger going head to head.

Heidegger tried to be too cozy. A man of institutional temperament.

I’m not sure he really cared about Being then.

It’s flare to use to make the institutions fond of him.

Poor photographic Heidegger, who shied away, shied away.

Then we have the globetrotter Pound who didn’t only theorize about


Pound was the “Hölderlin” Heidegger wrote about except he lived in his own time as a contemporary.

What’s that, Martin? Poetry is higher than philosophy? And you’re unaware of the living poets of your time? Oh Martin.

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