Look what I found

Due to the obnoxious “preview” nature of this I’m instead going to look at the novel he wrote during these years, since he is so “inspired” at that time in his nonfiction. This is Aaron’s Rod. You might think it was Women in Love but no, that was written a few years earlier (its publication was repeatedly suppressed).

Traditionally, Aaron was the brother of Moses who built the Golden Calf.

If you found that study on American lit HILARIOUS like I did I want to bring this to your attention-

I like this picture of him- “Meet the Clown”

He might be funnier than Lewis. Not as brainy but maybe funnier.

Sitcheeating the corpus

It’s interesting this scholar isolated those novels in particular (all published between 1920-1922) because he contracted tuberculosis a few years after that, and that might have changed him, being sick all the time.

This period of time was immediately after WWI, so that might in part explain his high-spirited mood.

The first draft of that study on American lit isn’t mocking like the finished version.

You never hear about his books from these years

I just know that I’m not going to find something of the quality of that American lit study for a long time, so might as well go with the same author from the period he wrote it in.

I just SPOIL you with these people. Nothing like these Modernists you find in humdrum boring society.

His motivations for this turn

He went back to it in Lady Chatterley’s Lover around 1927. He died so young, and he squeezed so much into the short time he was alive. Like I said, people mainly read him these days for the pornographic love stories, and don’t know anything about his humorous side.

He destroyed America! It’s over! After that essay collection?? It’s done.

This impulse to discuss this all goes back to my recognition that comedy is dead in our time. So we have to rely on guys in caskets for that.

Have you rewatched any George Carlin since you got older? Even in those days it was dead. If Carlin stood on that stage and talked the way Lawrence does in that American lit study, they would’ve forcefully removed him. That’s reeeeal comedy.

Bowden in an interview named Eliot and Lawrence as his favorite poets, also. In the 1923 collection of poems is where Lawrence starts to get funny.

Maybe I will talk about one of these texts later, I just decided to do a bird’s-eye-view.

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