This is a subtler aspect of the overall project of the bioleninists

I wouldn’t have noticed this without Lewis. The classics are like adults to us and we’re like children. A similar sort of leveling occurs in youth-worship. People who are wise in age are seen as “old”. The point is to blacken the status of anyone with a mind.

So youth are worshiped, women are worshiped, POC are worshiped, plebs are worshiped, jews are worshiped. It’s all people who are immature in some way. They’re regarded as ideals.

When I reflect on it, youth might be the best metaphor to explain all of them. I.e. is it more fitting to say jews are womanly or to say jews are youthful? All the bioleninists share in common that they’re young.

There’s something beneath all the different manifestations underlying it though- because youth might as well be a type of “POC” or type of “woman”, etc.

And this can be a misleading concept since so many of our old are childish boomers.

Again, this is just a subtler ingredient in the melting pot, youth.

Lewis throws another ingredient at us

all artists should be recognized as noble.

This is the west BEFORE WWII. More historiography has to be done on the effects of WWI.

WWI is part of what “primed” the French and English to revile the Germans and Italians so much. The adults telling the kids what to do.

This is Lewis’s take on the causality of it

It was only a step for him in any case from the patent-of-youth-for-the-woman, to the daring and popular proposal that all ‘ the young ’ should be recognized as noble.

How does this happen?

why should not they share the youthful privileges of their offspring, as is the due of their function of perpetual nurse and companion to the young ?

So women’s equality -> children’s equality

It’s the only way they could be consistent. If woman’s lower domain is children, and women is now equal, that means that domain is now equal as well. What follows is youth-worship, immaturity and ignorance worship.

It’s a great benefit that Lewis wrote both fiction and nonfiction, because both help explain the other. Most people don’t do this. Maybe when I’m around 40 I’ll write a novel like he did, who knows. Art shows you something that philosophy can’t, I’ve said it before. Pound’s letters show you something the Cantos don’t, etc.

So we do seem to be living in a civilization that was taken over by the child-majority.

Look, I’m not a Christian either. I can just acknowledge that it helped refine the spirit of the people of Europe in a way that the jews missed out on.

In that Time book of Lewis’s, at one point in poking fun of someone Edith Stein influenced, he quotes a girl who’s had literary success saying her secret is she started writing at the age of 13 and never changed her style since then.

WATCH CAREFULLY. Liberals seem like some kind of teenager. I don’t say this polemically.

Or take the “nervous crazy body” of Kein from earlier- not ready to have adult discussions.

Or we might recall Lawrence from yesterday, saying that the reason the media suppresses certain things isn’t for the sake of an “innocent maiden” per se…

We learn from the Slavs that jews were always cloistered, to such an extent that most of them never even learned the language of their host-country. They were kept away from the goyim, and only the mercantile community-leaders learned other languages so they could do their business. So a majority of the exile-jews were kept as “innocent maidens”.

It’s just never-ending with Lewis

‘ Every man is a poet in his youth ’ he argued. But poets —who are ‘ artists ’ —are, as we know, noble. Tommy is young. Tommy is a poet. Therefore Tommy is noble.” “ An excellent syllogism ! ” blustered Kein, enjoying “ syllogism,” a bit of greek.

The Keins will “affect” this appropriation of the greeks, but only in a superficial way. Otherwise they’re just 90% jew and need to use their shekel-pilfering abilities to suppress nobility from speaking in the media, so that the existing-exiles will not lose their innocence. In fact, Kein himself doesn’t want to lose it either. He wants to be a teenager forever, some atavistic barbarian.

This is how they keep the “wisdom of experience” out of public discussion-

This goes back to the idea that the French Revolution was more about killing God than it was about killing the King. When you kill God, this is what inevitably follows, worship of the immature- ten year olds eventually. Is a black even ten years old? Worship of something like a ten year old, we’ll say.

Lewis is like a “de Maistre” that survived the first world war. I think he adds an essential aspect with this youth notion for us reactionaries.

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