I guess I like to pick on Rowling because she is one of the only one of our “matriarchs” who opened herself to criticism. She might as well be the Queen of England in my eyes for that.

An “olde” queen that has lived past her expiration date, but that’s another story.

Or it maybe could be this story?

Let’s just focus on Hermione. Any woman who hates Rowling today is still based on a model of Hermione.

Hermione wants to be better than the boys.

Rather homely Watson is, isn’t she? Something similar to Hagrid if I had to say.

A beastly oaf this Rowling is. III’m HAGRID.

So we have this cute Hermione that covers-over this fat, bearded lad.

And Rowling finds her essence in the tragic boy Harry who happens to be portrayed by a rat kike in the movies.

And this would be a good portrayal of the “Queen of England”. (With a beard, with a hooked-nose, a heart that barely beats because it’s so diseased.)

This is just stealing off the pages of the Contemporary American Playbook. Ron, Irish, HERmione, feminist, Hairy, jewish, etc.

So I am sorry Ms. Rowling, you are not the Queen of England until you address these charges.

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