Intrissting study

We will harness the painters!

You also see something like this

They all had to visit a museum, how sad.

We can press some buttons in our room and look at infinite paintings.

I told you a while back that when I was in high school I thought “philosophy” was only something pretentious people cared about. I sense that people feel the same about painting. I even feel that myself to some extent, though that feeling’s been fading the last year or so.

The point of painting is to express something ineffable, beyond words, so talking about painting is intrinsically absurd. We will try to anyway-

Does reality really look like this?

We see everywhere today something that could be termed “political impressionism”.

Everyone hates the realism of “political photographs”. So they paint these exaggerations of reality like you see above. I’ve never seen clouds like that, have you? The three top ones in a neat row? What is that woman’s head? A blur?

This one’s a little closer to reality

There are degrees to this. Some people’s “political paintings” are far, far distant from reality

Some like to take flights from reality

Here we have neutral, polite society. You aren’t neutral.

We don’t believe in any “evil niggers” in society hiding behind a mask, do we?

They like to keep reality indistinct like this, don’t they

Here is the typical amount of reality in a typical jewess’s conception of society

“We’re not THAT bad, oy vey!” It’s a metaphor but yeah kind of you are.

Do you have a problem with clarity or something?

Dugin, you might as well be a jewess yourself! Where’s the clarity there, boy?

If your philosophy is an “impressionist painting” then it is not a “fourth” way, it is simply another strain of liberalism

Let’s just define liberals broadly as “distortionists”.

Or how about “distracters”. Because often a liberal will focus on something safe, and there will be clarity in that perception, narrow as it may be.

Wow, that’s a clear horse isn’t it. Even horses they have to refer to metaphorically, because they have to live ENTIRELY in some type of “impressionist painting”.

Know what? I don’t think we’re taking this far enough. Compared to the worldview of the general leftist, impressionism seems like a species of realism.

This has way too much reality to it

The human has been distorted out of all proportion into something abstract like this, more than a mere blur

These are the artifices the intellect has created. The artificial dogmas that have been passed down to us from the Enlightenment. So it’s not a blurred reality, it’s a fake reality.

Is that you, Hermione?

That doesn’t seem very real to me. It reminds me of that word that was in vogue with the college students some years ago, a “construct”.

Don’t these seem like realer people to you?

WAAAL after the successive Regressions of the Castes, “reality” isn’t even able to be seen anymore. Does a farmer know reality? Or is he rather a “dumb bumpkin”?

Plebeians see the world in this sort of detail, if I had to guess

Just based on the words they say, I can tell this is how clearly they see reality. Niggers are blind as a bat.

Here we have a tedious observation of theirs

Reality isn’t an ugly scribble, they’re just niggerbrains and that’s all they can see.

Have you seen a picture of ACTUAL reality before?

If we’re going to “paint with reality” let’s at least paint right

Here is a look at a future-spinster bimbo and her counterpart cad

We live in a dystopia because this is the level of clarity all of the media and institutions work to implant in our minds

Something pretty about it, but it’s not real.

We need to gradually return to sharpness

This is from the movement of Romanticism.

Do you think you would be able to create a “non-impressionist painting” TODAY? Or are you only capable of blurring and distorting reality?

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