Took a while to snow this year

Something about winter explains lots of things. Many books written by euros are just heated places during winter.

If the environment is inhospitable, their books are like a cabin in the forest with a chimney.

With our culture though, it seems the winter never ends.

Maybe we are already living in a “nuclear winter”.

Tired of talking to “people” who are patently in a state of permanent damnation.

Dead planet

Dead planet

So I prefer just to look at paintings now.

It is a luxury that is new to us, that we have with the internet.

I was reading about the game Eve Online earlier, and it sounds so worldly. People screwing each other over, not being able to trust anyone- that’s “the game”. I’d rather look at painted winter forests I guess.

No one worth talking to here. All sold their soul.

Aren’t ever getting it back. It’s gone.

It’s only a mirage you see speaking Eenglish [sick]

The word “English” isn’t even pronounced the way it’s spelled, and that tells you something about these people.

Lost in abstractions

It’s a burden curse to linger on as a breeze that blows away the flatulence-clouds

You can visit 100 museums in a day with the internet, and people prefer to use it for… some way to find community in the world, which I guess isn’t that questionable a motive.

I for one don’t find a community here, in terms of living people. You all seem like sellouts to me. The internet is better for opening caskets and discovering living vampires inside.

I don’t “settle” for friends.

With paintings, I don’t have to settle. They’re always surprising me, always seem like the one who painted them didn’t have nigger dirt at the base of their soul.

What do you actually gain from subscribing to the system?

You’re just networking with people who you optimally would never have to be in the presence of. So what’s the gain?

Dunno, I just prefer paintings of snow to any of the worldly compromisers.

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