Manifesto of a Redcoat

We’ve been warring with these Native Americans in the forests

and they have the craftiness of Indians and the intellect of Saxons

They wear light brown leather with frills and scream HAWW as they jump out and shoot

America is sort of like Australia, a place where England’s criminals went

They’re chippewas with muskets, cherokees with cannons

Worst of all, a type of white intelligence that mixes with the jungle impulse

Lovecraft never described such horrors so forthrightly

Everyone knows the American Revolution was won through cheating

The only difference is, that in America they’re proud of it

Hiding within the forests they mastered from hunting the native,

Did that turn them into a native themselves?

We wonder this as humanity turns more and more into monkeys

When “Anglos” were supposed to be in charge

What happened to Americans in those forests?

Did they get “wild”? Put on a raccoon hat and return to prehistory?

It seems they did. And you aren’t supposed to say anything about it

Although the media is one with this synthesis with pre-civilization

What is it about niggers wanting to hide in a forest

If they were reviewed in the sunlight would they feel embarrassed or something?

I’m a redcoat, I can tap into the mystery of this place.

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