A study from 1996

They say something like 1 in 10 women have BPD, but I’d guess it’s more. My suspicion is they soften certain diagnoses these days to avoid “sexism”.

It’s such a strange illness, in part because it’s closely related to narcissism

Others find themselves suddenly involved with their patients in intense, often hostile power struggles.

One thing is that they don’t want to accept that they’re “patients”.

Some probably feel that I personally am only perpetuating a power struggle by referring to them as such.

Psychiatry seems to be one of the most “human” fields there is

Any secrecy about diagnosis further undermines treatment.
For years I participated in keeping the secret. BPD was a complex concept that seemed too difficult for patients to understand.

Makes you wonder what other diagnoses are out there that they keep quiet.

They say that there’s often a relief when a patient accepts that they have BPD, and that acceptance has a way of allieviating some of the symptoms.

I’ve never seen a psychoanalyst talk about a disorder in this way

For years, we have kept your diagnosis secret from you for fear that you would be wounded and flee. By keeping secrets, we have promoted misunderstandings

They like to memoryhole lots of things from the 1990s actually.

You see from the above though that psychoanalysts have some of the qualities that have led many people to be cynical about priests.

Something interesting to me about this condition is that those afflicted seem to have amnesia. They have episodes that are erased from their memory. The times when they go into a hysterical frenzy. For this reason, BPD is often associated with multiple personality disorder. When they return to their “normal” state, their flurries are out of their mind.

I’m not trying to be insensitively sexist- it just seems like a fact that women are more “dependent” than men, and BPD revolves around this dependent nature

If we want to think back to Lewis, BPD cases seem to have the “time-mind”. They live in a world of flux. Nothing is permanent. (Let alone “eternal”.) As Lewis puts it, they’re ready to have a new life on a daily basis, they swap one life for another everyday, or at least they are able to. They’re unable to commit usually because others have demonstrated themselves noncommittal toward them.

This doctor hints that Marilyn Monroe is an archetype for BPD

She is an elusive character lacking in identity, overwhelmed by a barrage of painful emotions, consumed by hunger for love and acceptance, and careening from relationship to relationship and impulse to impulse in a desperate attempt to control these feelings.

I’d quibble with this and suggest there is often a stable identity buried within the flux, one that reminds me of Plath

Having to live within the flux makes them jaded and they turn into Liliths. This, I believe, is one of the “secrets” this psychoanalyst is whispering about above. It’s not very professional to inform a patient she is a “Succubus” is it?

That’s a rather euphemistic way to put it furthermore. There are much darker “secrets” regarding BPD. Many sufferers of this condition are nihilists and “borderline” Satanic. Once again, it’s not professional to speak this way. They essentially want to destroy civilization out of a revenge for the turbulence they’ve experienced in their “dependences” with others.

This doc is right that the volatility of the BPD type can pull you into their illness with them. Only recently have I gotten NUMB enough I guess, to look at the matter more objectively. In other words, I’ve managed to step out of the circle of fury. There’s an aura of swirling mayhem surrounding BPD types, and if you get too close you will be pulled into it like a car in a cyclone. Not that I’ve landed on the ground (with my windshield and windows shattered out cough cough) I can observe the condition in a way more detached.

At one point I had like 10 BPD cyclones taking turns on me, but they’ve mostly calmed down now.

Ten, three hundred thousand, but who’s counting?

This is why they strictly maintain philosophy only in its watered-down forms in the academy, because it sets off emotion-cyclones when people are exposed to it in its pure form. And the Furies will be stalking the Dean around, if you catch my drift.

The Oresteia really does tell you everything you need to know about life

They just want their tit sucked by a baby- that’s one “cure” for BPD.

Even more perfect cure is when a baby is sucking one tit and a philosopher is sucking another. Wait wait wait, I’m being biased here.

One of the reasons there are so many bad people in society though is because they’re the children of the “flux-succubi” in question so you have to be careful, and heed the words of the good ol’ boys not to “stick your dick in crazy”.

Not like I’d even take my own advice about that, probably.

I think conceiving of these types as only Satanic, eating men and civilization like air, etc. is misleading- there’s a sadness that underlies it

It’s a mental illness largely caused by cads. One of those “secrets” though is that in many cases a woman deserves to be abandoned. So cads have their counterpart too. If a woman is a little crazy that could cause her to be abandoned, and that abandonment causes her to be “a lot of crazy”. And after a string of flings like this she will find herself in the flux-existence of the time-mind.

It reminds me of an old movie where an alien is murdering people and it takes the disguise of a naked woman. The title escapes me though.

Like I said before, BPD and psychopathy are related. Only men can be true psychopaths so you could think of these ones as “pink psychopaths”. Like a pretty flower that emits poisonous fumes.

“This is just a power struggle isn’t it!” Everything is power. What’s pertinent in this case is which power-node desires for people to be mentally well. I’m not so sure I’d want to be on the side of the succubus civilization-destroyer power-node.

So anyway, I’m not a psychic, I just intuit that BPD arises from feeling alone in the world. As we discussed before, the narcissistic personality directs their eros at their own ego. They’re “their own best friend”- and not being a substantial Other, there’s a lack of meaning in the relation. Their own ego is like their imaginary friend that ultimately cannot provide them with true fulfillment. They often had to resort to narcissism because of so many failed “dependences” in their past. The only stability they have in the flux is their narcissism.

My experience of BPD is similar to this doctor’s

This is part of the multiple personality aspect.

It’s so uncanny when I read about this condition- it captures certain people I know to a T

It’s difficult to get women to think seriously about certain things. They’d prefer to read about astrology- “Oh, I’m such a Sagittarius!” No, you have BPD!

There are ways to alleviate your symptoms so you’re not such an emotional cyclone. And that way you’ll be happier, because people will like you more if you’re not an emotional cyclone. Believe it or not, people find it charming when you’re not a “civilization-destroyer”.

Unfortunately, for many of those afflicted, they experience attempted help like this as a moment in the flux.

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