Just this farce for years of being patently WISER than any of the public bumpkins and never prospering thereby, only receiving revenge. I do think of Heidegger first and foremost in that this reflects on the nature of Being. The satanic rabble-rousing Mammonists BLOCK OUT anyone who sheds light on their “racket”.

Oh are you an animal-impulse gossiper whose “top-floor” was shut down? Then you might not like me, dear little anon.

Look at that, I’ve already done three sentences in a row, which is more than you can typically manage.

The mass-mind only wants “bites” so it can pride itself on “knowing”. We have a similar phenomenon with musicians who use three words a line in many cases. Are you talking to retards like yourself or something?

It’s a difficult situation, because it’s the only way I could be happy, if I was a GENUINE PERSON who TELLS THE TRUTH, even if I’m boycotted and invisiblized.

Only way I could be happy. And there isn’t much happiness to be found here either. How about you? Vacations to Cancun and Bahamas worth it when you’re just a slave-soul that needs to HIDE people who know what you are?

Chink-nigger, hoarding shekels for yourself and your kind. Meanwhile people who tell the truth have to subsist in impoverished conditions. Do you care about truth? Of course not, I’m talking to a nigger. You care about appearances and the hollow approval of fellow bouncing bonobos.

There doesn’t need to be a “hell” like in old times, you’re creating a hell on earth through your ways. When truth is removed from the picture you can only expect despair and woe.

Talking to stones without souls, another day in the life.

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