That Syberberg book was too grim so I had to take a step away from it (which is rare) but now I’m back to it because I simply can’t resist the grimness

What the nature of the feelings, senses and reason had earlier classified as outlandish, dark and sick was not allowed to be pitifully bemoaned or combatted, or to appear as something to be overcome, but it triumphed insolently as the final victory over everything that was once valid

Scorsese makes great movies and all, I just can’t imagine him exhibiting this kind of theoretical sharpness. Must be a kraut thing. We all know that Herzog has said some things that make one do a double-take.

At least Scorsese goes out of his way to defend his craft though. That’s virtually unheard of among US directors. They’re just sneaky like any artist- they don’t want to say things in their name.

Anyway, Syberberg ominously observes that fine art, serious poetry, and the like, are today “taboos” in Germany–and I don’t think it’s only in Germany.

This director goes all out in this book

The closest parallel I can think of is Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.


Well, then we have the Farsinet, and their critiques of hollywood are quite striking, also. But, they’re middle easterners, so they’ll never be able to aufheben like a kraut-gobbler.

The only true critique is “from within”.

Oh yeah, since my last post I learned that Syberberg didn’t create anything after this book was published. He was completely shut out of the cinema world immediately. Yet how right he is in it?

I don’t know if I have any hollywood types that read me, some of your movies are awesome, I’m just trying to be technical here. Without jews around they would’ve been better, my only point.

I’m a typical American that likes everything everyone else likes, I just have a “Prussian side” and “Athenian side” to myself.

And those are the fine art versions of philosophy, so those sides are taboo, as Syberberg puts it.

Really though, many actors and actresses here seem to go out of their way to serve Moloch. They might be demi-gods to the American public, but to me it’s pretty easy to determine if someone sold their soul to evil for fame and all that.

You just can never measure up to our purest boy, can you

All of your awards belong in HIS house, sorry!

Hacksaw Ridge can really get you thinking about Christianity. I don’t say that lightly either. When you see that it’s all about self-sacrifice it’s easier to forget the institutional clutter surrounding it.

Syberberg is not your usual director though

Love is a laughing matter and the death of the hero unlamented… The commandment of ugliness rules life as well as art, and the rat becomes the symbol of the interesting, just as the pig becomes a provocative name of humorous respect, and Judas becomes more important than his God and Master.

You need to be un-personed for this, Syberberg, how dare you. You’re disrupting civilized society where love is a joke, there are no heroes, ugliness is spectacular, and rats and pigs are the ideal symbolic-animals. Get out of town! You are banished, you traitor to the Cause. You are not a very good comrade, Syberberg.

It reminds me of Rodin in his old arteest cap- that’s what Syberberg is wearing in writing this book

Syberberg is clearly a type of magician, I would say

“black is beautiful” means not only the beauty of black people but also the dark against the fair.

Just meditate on the multiple meanings of the words dark and fair.

The goblin-eared, sharp-toothed ones are definitely dark. It’s a dark conspiracy they’re part of. I don’t see any fairness in it either. “Niggerworld at all costs” should be their motto.

It’s an eerie feeling reading this book, because one gets the sense that “the Second Athens” was destroyed…

That wouldn’t be so bad if we were living in a world of barbarians, right?

Haha, sure, nigger.

“We need to keep him out of our safe little niggerworld!”

It happened out of revenge for the fact that Germany was the “true Jerusalem”

The destruction extended beyond the self-destruction of this country into a self-destruction of Europe, which the English bomber general ordered when he gave the command for the destruction of Dresden, as if possessed by a self-destructive urge.

“Israel” was at that time crawling with smelly arabs. White people having a renaissance grinds the gears of the jewish niggers who were taught from birth that being exiled and hated by everyone makes them special in God’s eyes.

Now we get to “look forward” to a chinky version of a renaissance, which is going to be lightyears from the Greeks’ or Germans’. And if those down syndrome lookin chinks do anything “too good”? Well, we can expect the vindictive cash-printers to put a crater in it.

Heh, based on this book, I’d have to say Syberberg is the only director whose movies deserve to be watched. That is, if you care anything about what an artist’s integrity says about their art.

Oh I know my readers don’t care about that though. People without integrity don’t care if an artist doesn’t have integrity.

I lynch a nigger from a tree every day, so hopefully that’s never been you.

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