I like to scroll through this goodreads list I found the other day- so many fellow-travelers in one place.

Plato’s Republic is conspicuously #1 on it, which more or less indicates that this list was assembled on the usually-disappointing goodreads site–by a sort of patrician. I do not italicize the Republic, for the same reason people do not italicize the Bible. Because the Republic is beyond the bible. By MANY removes. Only a type of commie denies this. Reactionaries who are siamese twins with the demos. Part of their group hug.

Uhhh you might see me as the leper, but I see all of you as lepers who I don’t want to touch, let alone hug.

There’s much missing from this list. It’s quite a superficial list in fact.

We need to create the perfect list. That’s in part what we’ve been trying to do here.

First question- How to understand the Republic?

The Islamic Golden Age.

Plotinus isn’t exactly political, that’s why my first thought is the “Muslim” (crypto-Platonist) trifecta, which includes Avicenna.

Plotinus is someone else who should be near the top of the list. This is someone who makes “the Baron” and “Uncle Ted” look like gossip. Certainly not for greasebrained McAmericans. Only a flickering splinter of soul remains in people of this “patch”. They have descended down the Great Chain of Being over the centuries. The way to climb the ladder is to make the perfect list for people to read, so here we are.

I’m not talking about some corporate ladder here. This one pertains to virtue and salvation and deep contemplation.

All in all, that list is pretty solid though- I’m not trying to knock that list. It’s for a certain “degree” of “Golden Dawn initiation”.

Mentioning Lewis’s Tarr?? Tarr is a piece of garbage compared to other books of his. The Revenge for Love is generally considered his main anti-communist text. Various other books of his I’ve detailed are better than Tarr.

Any of the shite of Lawrence’s people still read today, you shouldn’t read. Lady Chatterley’s Lover for instance was upheld by the hippies as a manifesto for “sexual liberation” because of its pornographic qualities. The true book to represent Lawrence on “The List” is Studies in Classic American Literature, followed by his “political novels” Kangaroo, The Plumed Serpent, and Aaron’s Rod.

Eliot? Only a weak Eliot is on this list. The lectures today titled After Strange Gods, from 1933, represent his political peak–THOUGH, a best friend of Pound, this is a sneaky sort, so there are gems scattered throughout this oeuvre

Here’s a synchronicity for you

Quotes a Greek in the beginning.

In reality, a true “right-wing reading list” would begin with-


The ancient world in general is the backbone of that list, including Virgil, Ovid, Tacitus, etc.

If you put Spengler as #2 on that list it just means you YOURSELF are part of the decline.

This is a channer’s list so what do you expect. Fellow-travelers, but that’s about it.

This is a “pop-right” list.

It’s just hard to hate them when you see this though

This isn’t a “normie” by any means. A kindred spirit.

The only difference is that the writers above have hidden pathways within their corpuses.

Storm of Steel is material for Kshatriya. Jünger’s conversation with Heidegger regarding “Die Linie” is probably the peak of his output.

Spoiler- Heidegger proved to be more of the “Lieutenant” in this conflict.

Schimbare la faţă a României is the text all the rest of Cioran should be read through. It’s pretty easy to find on the Romanian internet (of course they haven’t translated it into English yet).

Just a moronic list at the end of the day. One that I can’t bring myself to hate because there are so many fellow-travelers on it. As far as the Slavic writers are concerned they have token kikes whose placement in the canon amounts to shilling for niggerworld, like Arendt.

So, a quite pedestrian list, for all its merits, I want to bring to your attention.

I say these things because I actually understand the Republic.

At least they have Dostoevsky’s Demons. There are lots of Slavs who should be on this list.

I think there’s an “ongoing war of religion” where the prot and cath bloods can’t accept the ortho bloods. Well you’re missing out on some of the best writers of the right-wing canon then. The truth canon. The cladistic-GREEK canon.

Hesse’s Glass Bead Game is on this list- how could one hate it?

Burckhardt is on there. So it might as well be perfect. But you just have to think about the fine details.

If Heidegger’s Contributions and etc and etc isn’t on there then you’re just signalling you have a mental defect.

Here is a sign that these are “Yarvinian” mischling-minds

Nope, only a half-kike would care about any of those works enough to think about.

Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil, Aristotle’s Politics, Plato’s Sophist, Aquinas’s Summa, are more fitting for a non-kikeniggered canon, excuse my fransey as usual.

We have a list of 100 here that will make you at least semi non retarded.

Lucky for you, there are another 100. Unfortunately, anyone who understands them you want to throw in a gulag, so it goes.

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