Man cannot live on bread alone. And I’ll add- neither can woman.

There is no institution that talks to you directly.

Anything relating to shekels-as-fuel is intrinsically deception-centered.

Well how about the opposite now- man cannot live on no bread?

I’ve barely been scraping by the last decade for speaking truth…

Unspeakable suffering and torment is the only “shekel” I receive for that.

Do you doubt my authenticity?

So I might create some “paypig account” that allows you to fund the revolt against Lucifer’s reign.

Eaten by fed bugs, scapegoated by paragons of society, here I am, do you want me to leave?

“A penny I could give to you I’d rather give to a niggerworld future!”

I’m not talking to the niggers. There must be something that can break the financial hold the subhuman nose-kikes have on culture.

Don’t you think I’m modest? I’ve lived through multiple gulags now. I’m not trying to swindle you or something.

If someone hasn’t been banned on twitter they’re definitely swindlers.

So why should the virtuous and true have to be relegated to the hobo caste?

“That’s where people who understand God BELONG!”

Alright, so I’m a hobo and aristocrat in one, where do you go from here, as an advocate of the vulgar rabble?

I’m not pure mind existing, I have to live in this world with all of you.

I’m the closest thing to pure mind existing so you should flip me a few shekels, so I’m not imprisoned in a gulag as I am now.

-cricket chirps-

Oh I know you want a niggerfuture and niggerpresent. Best not to reveal that.

Buy niggers, impoverish People who know what you are.

“You haven’t exposed everything about us!” Sure, nigger.

Enjoy a real human talking to you for now. Because that’s not going to be happening in the future.



I’m a person. Hello. Why aren’t jews, blacks, or white plebs like me?

Well anyway, Hello.

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