English, Russian, whatever, the only sovereign nation to address is women

Is the rumor true that you’re a “nigger” and have no virtue?

I haven’t found any evidence against this charge.

So we have to assume that ~universal voting rights~ for retards is entirely questionable.

A nigger that hides the fact that is has no virtue.

“Wow, the proper phrase is I’m a ‘woman’!” Whatever, nigger.

Prove you’re human.

You can’t!

You can only prove again and again that you have the “morality” of a black, brown, or kike.

So, I’m sorry to say, I can’t respect you as an equal. You are a nigger. You are a piece of garbage jew. Would you like to remark on feminism now, fair slave?

At least the worthless niggers give you equality.

I don’t give you that.

You are my subordinate and you should own it.

I know what’s best for you, little girl. If you are white, you are my daughter.

Little girl, accept that I Know What You Are, or sink into nigger oblivion that is even lower than chinks.

Do you remember how even Mussolini’s grand-daughter hit on me? Nah, even my own brother doesn’t believe what I tell him about my life online.

Little girl, I know what you are. I love you and only want to bring you up to a higher level.

Briber-kikes want to bring you to a lower level, down to the third-world.

Why don’t you want the opposite, and why do you put me in a gulag for that

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