I just have to check up on the Chief Magician of Mystery Babylon to see what he’s up to from time to time

Initiation begins with understanding one of our most ancient occult symbols – namely that of Edom – which has been a Jewish codeword for Christianity for the past 2000 years. Much of our ancient esoteric Qabbalistic texts are preeminently concerned with Edom

He wrote a Frankist manifesto you can read here.

He says the rabbis are after him for exposing these things.

If I had to guess he must be in his 20s, because he acts thin-whiskered sometimes.

Still, he provides interesting information which I see nowhere else, and which I am only tentatively taking as reliable for now-

He has translated parts of these last two. Eytz Haim, written by Luria’s disciple, Vital, is generally regarded as thee primary Lurianic text, at least exoterically.

Does this seem wholesome to you?

This is the Magician.

The reason jews have totalitarian control over the west is because they spent millennia fixated on us. Jews thought about us, we didn’t think about jews. Simple as. So I suggest we begin to think about jews.

“I don’t have a brain to do that! Growing up in ZOG has left me brainless and I cannot even consider such subjects with an adequate mind!” Sadly true.

So this is a little hobby of mine amidst the useless zombies.

Here is the Magician “confessing” something rather curious

Whether this is a “fringe” view is an open question. Again, I only appreciate the Magician because he’s the only one who discusses these other disciples of Luria’s in English.

I’m sure there were some wholesome jewish communities that didn’t worship Lucifer, like in Yemen. Just kidding. Uhh anybody even get that joke? Okay.

Too bad more goys weren’t like me in history, then we wouldn’t be living in hellworld.

I’m just about done talking to the “goytards” once and for all…

Looks like this might be a rotten branch of jewish history too

Yehuda Liebes, Scholem’s chief disciple, also hints at the crypto-Sabbateanism of the Gaon (only written in Hebrew).

If you recall, the Gaon was the final resistance to the Hasidim before they dominated the hearts and minds of jewry.

Look, if you want to be a slave to people who want the worst for you, you can do that, and regard understanding Kabbalah as unimportant.

Whites are more and more like worthless niggers every year! I wonder how that’s happening and why!

No, I don’t wonder, because I know, because I’ve studied Kabbalah.

Here is the Magician again

Even jews themselves doesn’t understand what’s going on. They just go through life being unconscious kike biobots mostly.

Their behavior was “designed” by the Kabbalists long ago. They’re like wind-up toys.

This is interesting

He also implicates Schneerson (the messiah of Chabad) into this crypto-Sabbateanism, elsewhere.

See, no one talks like this

Elista, Franki, Bjerknes, none of them really discuss Zevy. You’re all just too hopeless and appear to unequivocally lack freewill, so I don’t care much to talk to you anymore.

Damn- this was posted in October

What the hell does “the right” even read? Mostly useless newspapers and such probably. And low quality political literature. Complete down syndrome cases who might as well be black jewish mulattoes with white spray paint covering their skin.


Court dismissed.

Even the dunecoon Iranians have an institutional study-center where they study matters approaching these. The US is empty, the US is nothing. Its people are nothing. Lower than dunecoons.

The best thing we have close to that is probably Unz review, and even that is extremely weak, and run by a jew. HA HA

Then we have Arktos publishing house getting nuked recently. Oh well, they printed next to nothing non-kosher anyway. Just a wasteland everywhere here, with the exception of Bjerknes. Now you’ve lost me now too, see ya

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