Once you know you’re on a “failed planet” it’s time to get out. There’s in fact a sort of rulebook in the realm of the forms that allows for suicide.

I just stay here for sentimental reasons, because I don’t want my voluntary death to harm older family members.

Not like I’m “hoping” they die soon or something, it just seems honorable to me to not have to inflict that suffering upon them.

So I linger around on this dead planet.

Regarding the Fermi “Paradox”, I relate to this final form of humanity before the shift to posthumanity-

The Aryan ETs as it were

Who knows how DNA works- outwardly and materially I do not relate to them, but inside, in my soul, I feel like a spiritual aristocrat.

So in my gulag I better understand the inbred rodent people-

Those don’t look like “niggers” do they?

Inbred niggers similar to rats or retards?

That’s the idea I catch when I look at their face.

So if you’re on a dead planet that’s been “sealed off” from UFO invasion then suicide doesn’t sound too bad.

The solution to the Fermi Paradox is to murder the Demiurge.

Some planets have done that.

Ours cannot.

I tried to guide my generation to a better alternative, but they were not strong enough. And so now they will spend the next 80 years (with advancing medical technology) living a low-quality existence. Lower than even a dune coon’s.

Have fun, I tried to warn you about the political realities.

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