Hello Tom. ( I knew Tom Brady followed me- too many joos and coons in the football industry, huh? Just kidding.)

It’s funny you mention this post, because I was just looking on amazon for a VR headset, so I can step right out of this shithole reality.

Art, like good video games, I see as similar to mystical ascension in that it’s possible it’s not truly “escapism”, but more accurately an escape to something realer than reality.

And this is a controversy that’s going to be cropping up as the years go on and VR gets more and more life-like… until it’s better than life.

More to your point though, thanks for the tip. I have this habit of hating how plastic “professionals” are, and losing sight of what is valuable in being professional. It’s the old Apollonian vs. Dionysian debate.

TedTalks are so sickening to watch, for instance. They mind me of the Beatles lines again,

Everybody’s… a Beatle, these days

TedTalks give me the stark impression of a distinctly Christian atmosphere.

That’s why I could never be a Christian proper, they’re all too “friendly” in an over-sweet way.



Thinking about TedTalks makes me want to throw up. Who is this Ted anyway? I want to throw up on HIM.

Anyway, if you’re interested in the technical places of this place (you’re right, I should’ve emphasized this more)- if you want to look for a specific subject you can type in “nietzsche.news/search/________” with a word or key-wordS in the blank.

I’m too much of a rigid minimalist to add even a “Links” link. But maybe you’re right. Next you’re going to be suggesting I include ads to power my meat-suit. That would make me feel too ashamed.

It undermines philosophy pure to be materially connected with anyone who is connected with the sin racket. So, basically like a suicide-bomb, as I’ve said many times. So there is an entelechy, an end, to these things. A window that will be briskly closed shut.

It just reveals the hollowness of our monied castes that they do not stab the evil they’re associated with in the back and support outsiders.

Which demonstrates the ultimate futility of the Mammon-path. They made all that money and, now, they can only use it for idiotic things. Sounds hollow!

A bum like me feels like more of a king than them, quite sad.

Hey, I went on a tangent, but thanks again for the suggestion, I’ll ponder it.

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