This picture says a lot, you should study it closely

Look at it closely before you read what I say about it …

Did you look at it and think about it, or just scroll down to here? Look at it and think about it.

What strikes the “unideological” perception is that Putin is the “Brad” of this photo.

The Chinese have such slants for eyes because they’re used to hiding what they feel inside. Whereas Aryans, with round and blue eyes, often are much more expressive of their inner-soul.

You can see the resentment exuding off of Chairman Xi in this picture.

Yellow skin, slant eye, so sour. I bet so “sweet and sour” like their sauce.

Chinese “soy sauce” – let’s not go THERE. Miss Xi.

This can all be clearly seen in this picture.

Something bad is going to happen to Putin for being a Brad (the incarnation of God on earth). So he’s warming up to making a FAUSTIAN BARGAIN with the chinks.

You have to be careful, Vlad, many of your priestly counsel wear “toilet paper rolls” on their heads

He’s put into the corner. So it’s the right thing to do to align with the Chinese and Middle East.

We do not hold this against old Vladimir. We only note that it isn’t ideal.

Let’s post this picture again-

There is a non-person on the left and a person on the right. This is obvious, even from this picture alone.

The Chinese can be our friends, but we must remember that their cloistered community over the centuries is similar to jews, and Confucius never reached the level of Christ, let alone Aristotle.

Confucius is better than the liberal west, however, so Mad Vlad–the new “Ivan the Terrible”–should be seen as taking a step in the right direction in allying with the Asians.

The current west is lower culturally than asians or middle easterners.

No, Vlad. You need to keep a distance from the orientals. As much as you hate the west. Remember what you see in that picture. Allying with the chinese over the jewish-west would be swapping one nigger for another nigger.

If you Won the War, Chairman Xi would be your next immediate enemy, let’s face it.

(I can see into the future by the way.)

Yes, you’re right that Confucianbloods are preferable to sabbataibloods and saxonbloods.

The Chinese are not going to produce a Dostoevsky.

So let’s look at this picture once again

If the NIGGER on the left is ever to have power over the Person on the right, that would be a FATAL mistake, and all of your daughters might as well be like Dugin’s.

The Russians are the new English aristocracy- Sir Putin.

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