From St. Elizabeth – Diary 58 or 580 or whatever

Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe is instructive.

US politics goes back to English politics.

This is rooted in the Norman/Saxon conflict.

I have both of these subspecies swirling around inside me, so I consider myself less biased than almost anyone.

If you want to understand Lincoln you can’t simply be a nigger.

Lincoln was the Saxon side of the conflict.

Again, I’m part Saxon myself, so I think I have an objective view of it.

Anyone who has more objective understanding than them, they want dead.

They want you a bum, they want you dead.

They do this because they’re 99%$ of the population.

They want to be the new definition of “humanity”.

I’m sorry, that isn’t so.

I represent Shakespeare and Aristotle.

It’s the demos or the great minds of history. It seems your “great minds” have decided they should not be included in the discussion.

“Our Brad” – yes, our race of Aryans doesn’t cheat people.

I’m not here to cheat anyone.

The DEFINTION OF A JEW is to ” cheat people “.

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