Waaal it all goes back to the conflict with the Normans, if we are talking “history of the United States”.

Abraham Lincoln wasn’t only defending African slaves, he was also defending a very particular type of white.

Abe himself was a “white nigger”, a “wigger” as they’re called. Do they include that in the history books?

So anyone part of the American Bandwagon is necessarily a wigger.

“Sheeit, that’s ME!”

I bet.

Old honest Abe hated God, hated the Normans, because he was a Saxon.

When the Normans showed up in England it was a backwater.

Now the US is a backwater, for following their model.

If we want a legitimate political order we need to look at the US founding with hearty laughs.

I have both Norman and Saxon flowing within me, so I feel less biased than most about this.

The Lincoln telos leads to chimp-countries.

I do not care about white niggers.

In my assault against them they have used the leverage they get from their majority breeder-status and usury to thrust me among the white niggers of the working class.

White proles are better than brown or black.

THE TELOS is to go all the way to black nigger non-brain.

One Thousand Years of History…

Who is willing to write about that?

You’re mudbrown grandchildren certainly will be smart enough to say these things.

So I represent the last voice before this planet goes into full retardmode.

We had some good moments (mostly represented by me in the 21st century).

You had some good moments too (if we’re being charitable).

Jokes aside, “humanity” itself seems to be traveling a path at present where it won’t exist in the future.

And I see “the face of degeneration” the jew, as mostly responsible for that. And worthless white niggers as not doing enough about it as the secondary reason.

Keep doing nothing. Keep proving you don’t have a soul. You’re an object, I already know.

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