T. S. – instead of being a “washed-up slut” – why don’t you accept my love for you?

I don’t care about the other “blondes”. I think you’re special.

Only someone with “Nazi” tastes would think that, so I guess you’re opposed.

Well, I noticed you hate a certain person named “Scott Swift”.

You mean “Brad”?

You must have resentment in the bad way if you hate brad…

I don’t try to hide anything from you- Scott and I see eye to eye, and it’s no coincidence that his name reminds one of Scotland.

“another daughter flushed down the toilet”

Yes, this might be. Here at least we have the explicit “terms” of the bribed contract.

Economy rigged by niggers -> everyone praises “nigger pieces of shit” as virtuous and the height of godliness ->blonde hair blue eye white folks are consequently seen as the dire enemy of the degenerate rat people.

So T. S., instead of throwing a tennis ball at Scott, I request you try to see things from his eye-view for once.

“ALL OF YOU into the abyss for DARING to question rat-looking kikes telling you what to do!”

Oh some jew nigger piped up? Instead of being too afraid to speak to me directly?

“face to face I’d lose–so I bribe”

Nice encapsulation of “jewishness”

What about face to face? You don’t have an answer? You don’t know how to reason? You don’t understand Athens? What is it?





Respectful reasons. Everyone in Athens would respect those reasons. And wouldn’t see you as a sophist or nigger.





We all respect you jews. You don’t seem like a nigger subhuman to us.

And this is why I prefer blue eye blonde hair queens to any nigger rat kike pretending to be an authority, and especially to someone named Scott above even the queens.

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