I wish there was some viable alternative to something so sentimental as the Peace Corps. I’m from the same christianish culture as anyone, and I feel I’m around the same ballpark as the type that joins the Peace Corps. Obviously, helping third-worlders wouldn’t be the best fit for me though. So I’ve found on the internet a kind of sublimation of that yearning.

Peace Corps, Marine Corps, neither of those offered what I was looking for.

Though institutionally at least on the surface they might.

No, not even close.

“Philosophy professor” is another misleading form it takes, that can only be lived out on the internet in its true form.

Basically, you fight the Horde of orcs and goblins til there’s nothing left.

Til they completely cut out your brain.

I’ve been playing this adventure game lately that alludes to Robert Louis Stevenson and boasts they created a better adventure than him. They may be right.

That’s also what is attempted here.

Be it the Peace Corps, Marine Corps, Academy, CIA, or what have you, none of them offer a truly cerebral adventure though. The point is–in our historical situation at least–is to access a vantage-point above both the nigger kikes and golem sell-outs. And that’s been reached.

Was it “fun”? HA HA, I wouldn’t say it was ALL fun. Lots of tribulation and near-death experiences. Still, more of an adventure than any of those cheap institutions could provide.

So, with my ninth or tenth or so lobotomy in progress, at the hands of the subhuman conspiracy, I return to that adventure game for now.

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