Mr. Dugin, HERR Dugin, Air Dugin, if you catch the basketball reference here that we do in America

Notice the archetype you match with here

Don’t think my memory escapes me, I know well that you see Aristotle as a type of evil revolving around Plato.

I feel I am addressing “the Byzantines” at large when I speak to you, am I wrong?

So what does that leave us “in the civilized world”? Catholics, Calvinists, Lutherans.

Satan has crept into all four of them… I would have to say.

Or Satan was hidden at the root of all four of them.

If Russia is conquered your men will be murdered and your women will be raped, such is the reality of war.

So we should determine the dynamics of these faiths to prevent that.

The Greco-Roman spirit did not cease in antiquity. It was followed in NW Europe, if to devastating results.

The Slavic peoples were not as inclined toward the ancient world.

This explains why “WASPish-spirited” America hates Russia.

I myself do not hate Russia because I see that they are more similar to the Old Ideal than America is now.

Something to ask yourself, Herr Dugin- why does this further-western strain of the kike virus despise the Russians so much?

It’s because the Tsars went away some 250 years after the English kings were beheaded.

The regime makes the man.

In a democratic, rabble-controlled regime you will only produce worthless niggers, as is the case of England and the US the last couple few hundred years.

My much-esteemed, white-haired Aleksandr Gelyevich, what is pertinent to you during this chaos-engulfing time, is to apply your powers of intellect to the English Revolution. What is happening in Ukraine? Who cares? It all goes back to Cromwell and Charles, and the Normans and Saxons. Only YOU have the mind to write such a history.

A Philosopher’s role isn’t to be a journalist, so I expect this angelic nature to unfold from such a Byzantine as Dugin.

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