Beat the fourth Uncharted, and I do have to say it is better than Treasure Island. “I bet that’s not the only thing you ‘beat’.” What’s it to you?

I went on to sample the most widely acclaimed game from this studio though and it seems made for retards. Every level I’m just hoping it’s over soon. This is Last of Us.

This is a “populist” game, that’s why it’s so popular. Oh does that infuriate certain of my blessed readers?

Games that continue to stick out to me are the BioShock series (beginning with System Shock 2), L.A. Noire, and the “pirate game” Black Flag.

I will keep updating you about this, because I see this as the future of Art.

The dam was broken and all the stagnant garbage water flowed through- that’s the state of video games today.

The state of many things today.

“Why don’t you try to help the one you find ‘special’ to navigate that?” She has millions of dollars, it isn’t my responsibility

ANY of the stupid hoes could found a non-institutional academy that isn’t affiliated with any of this.

But they’re stupid hoes, so they won’t do anything productive.

“You’re the male version of a gold-digger.” Not at all. I’m the true version of a Marine if anything.

The stupid hoes acquired their money through misdeeds so they should pay it back by attempting projects that are against all odds.

No one is ever going to hold them accountable, so they don’t care. Anyone who knows they’re on a kike-level of immorality will be ushered away from public discourse.

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