God doesn’t want “minions of evil” to rule humanity, does He?

I direct my discussion to the Jews of today who relate to Moses, and the beginning of Judaism, before,,


Do you feel up for a “theological conversation”?

If you don’t, that’s fine. “Jew Yorkers” aren’t the people I’m talking to here, only the Rabbis of ancient tradition.

“They’ll kill us just as they’d kill a goy if we disagreed.”

So you’ll be content becoming a “Jew Yorker”?

I am making a remark to a rabbi, as if casually.

You heard it on the street. Isn’t the internet the street?

The communist machinations are leading even to a “lesser jew”.

“No one cares about you goy, all of your ‘readers’ have decided you should be homeless and tortured in guantanamo bay.”

I care about old books more than them I guess.

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