If you want to do a “cannonball” into the middle of millions of white niggers, then “post freely” on the internet.

SPLASH – Now they know that blacks, jews, browns, wimmin, plebs have worthless opinions and questionable “souls”. Nah, I doubt more than 1% of any of them have a soul. Got blue eyes? Well that’s a good start, though if you’re a woman it’s kind of just window-dressing as they say.

Most of the world is full of humanoid-looking beings that are just vertical turds walking around.

They have been gradually removing me from reality for years now so try to remember- even the official philosophers–the ones who are supposed to be the most aware of anyone–are compromised beyond saving.

The jews will only feel content when the whole world matches the turd level they exist on.

Did you… did you let them bring you down to that?

Ah so I’m talking to a worthless nigger here, what a surprise.

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