One of my favorite muses turns out to be a sort of crypto “KGB” agent behind the iron wall, which if you understand dialectics makes perfect sense, given I’ve been broadcasting from a type of “American gulag” — “Plausible deniability, goy!” Sure, and a golden rat isn’t a rat just because it’s golden. It’s possible to be golden without also being a rat, and this is something kike jewry pools billions into to suppress.

Lots of books really are tough to get through because they’re so boring, but Hesse is consistently captivating. Narcissus and Goldmund revolves around a Christian monastery. As offputting as you might find that at first glance, I think any of my readers that have survived this far might be “monastery types”.

Typically speaking, “brahmins” are pale, male, and taller than 6’2″, but there are exceptions.

We have a code of secrecy much like the kabbalists so you probably wouldn’t be able to recognize us in the wild. Usually no words need to be spoken, because certain features of the face betray the nature – I would call them bird of prey, features.

Why I bring my favorite KGB agent into this though, is because I relate to the death of his daughter, without having had a daughter. There are worse things than death. In the US women are really vulnerable and easy to level down to a subhuman state, and I see this as akin to murder. Darya is just the most blatant death of the women of the west. Many women probably pray theirs would be quick and bloody like hers.

I’ve witnessed countless spiritual deaths. I’m not sure they will ever revive. Once they sell their soul to the kike system it’s something of a “forever deal”.

Think of me as an eccentric pagan who finds more in common with Christian monks than with the people of the world. The concept of “the monastery” is important, and I think people reading this far probably belong in something like that.

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