While I’m on this particular tangent I’ll say that I actually know a couple women of the French aristocracy that have survived into modern times.

Much like a quivering hologram I find them.

Learn how to speak French. That is your Duty.

Didn’t you know I can inhabit your superego?

Antidepressant pills are a placebo. Learn French, talk French. That’s not a request, it’s an order. Once you can talk in French you will be free from “America” the fallen experiment.

“You’re only like 1% French, why should I trust you?” My specific priesthood doesn’t require me to be French to speak to you this way. The FRENCH are one of the master-races that Christianity has produced, and so I find myself here.

“You will not save our doomed daughters…”

My secret is that I roll my eyes back in my head and channel ghosts, so it’s not really up to whether “I” will save them.

They will learn French and only speak English when it is required in commercial situations. In CULTURE they will speak French.

Your grandma just possessed my body and said that, not me.

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