Don’t let anyone psyop you from that fact- the more Jews that are murdered the better the earth in the future will be. Don’t let any of the corps or their minions distract you from that. The more dead Jews the better.

The idea of “fairness” is beyond all grievance and envy, concepts leftists can’t grasp. Fairness is executing the oligarchs and distributing their wealth based on merit not equality. The people who should be running things based on understanding, that isn’t going to be women, POC or the proletariat, it’s a very select group of whiteContinue reading

We’re in our own “breakaway civilization” ourselves, if you need to scream your allegiance to the future monkey-state they’re crafting, it looks like you never were able to separate yourself from the establishment, “simping for the cathedral” in modern parlance. What happened to you? I was expecting you to be independent.

“Trying to make a name for myself in the publishing world, in the producing world, in the creative world” is what controls many things today. If you want to show true freedom from the establishment post a take that might get your account permanently suspended, that’s what I and anyone who matters looks for inContinue reading

This is the farce I continually witness Why does the supposed leader of the free world have to call upon others constantly? You don’t run shit Donald, bring in the fucking national guard. Who is above you giving you orders? You call in the national guard yourself, then you will begin the process of notContinue reading

You can superimpose whatever symbols you want on me, I’m just a normal person who likes the idea of having kids who are better than me. If you want to bring a leftist agenda to that, okay, there’s no way to stop you, the covert agencies and corporations are supporting your cause, you degenerate sell-out,Continue reading

I used to talk about people letting the world burn, these days I can talk about people actively encouraging burning the world down, without any symbolism needed. All it is about is people getting revenge for being born abominations. Cheer them on for that I guess. “I was born as a person that should’ve beenContinue reading

Looking at this map again Even these blank “safe-zones” you could see as banned-zones waiting to happen. Why weren’t they surveyed? That’s strange. I suspect that for the majority of the cases above it was because either 1. they’re pre-civilized people who wouldn’t understand, or 2. they’re pre-civilized people who shouldn’t understand. This is whyContinue reading

Farrell’s take on formalism His “conspiracy” is that axis power elites after the war ended up in cahoots with the ally power elites. HMU bros if this is true. He has hundreds of pages devoted to this thesis so I’m only going to provisionally speculate that 1, 4, and 5 here have misled him intoContinue reading

BLM is more about white liberals saying “I matter”, “I matter for saying people who don’t matter matter.” Conformist strivers who don’t want to be canceled. “You better lie and say they matter or you won’t matter!” – my coethnics have such a knack for making me laugh in disgust.