What can a “mistress” expect in hellworld? The answer is, not much. Nonetheless, there are pathways I can see where you can find happiness. “We’re both going to kill you if you keep playing this game.” Who is speaking here? I must be psychic to ascertain it without any direct contact. Well, if you wantContinue reading

This sticks out to me in some article the great Chabad library of thought I know you just want to read the equivalent of comic books like a child, but I’m not letting you do that without feeling any guilt. There are some writings that are more important than others. One book is not theContinue reading

Nothing to do in the age of dissolution. Fight for hollow causes or pursue anti-herd agendas in the shadows. Either way, it’s a simulacrum of the action of those living in healthier stages of the political cycle.

Whatever you want to say, “T”, I love you. And our love is mutual. So you are my muslim bride in a hijab, just embrace it. “I’m European, I’ll never let a hijab be put over my head.” You don’t understand Scott then. You will wear that and stop asking questions. Well you’re such theContinue reading

Something unlocked in the spheres to me. If you’re kissed and loved, you’ll be happier than if you’re fucked and loved. A kiss is more intimate. “You’re just trying to make excuses for having a short dick!” No, I think a kiss is more intimate. You would not think very highly of me if IContinue reading

“What is the meaning of life?” isn’t exactly the right question to ask, because different castes pursue different meanings in life. Or is Byron right that life isn’t worth a potato? We’ll just forget about that question for now. So, I like to talk about my own particular meaning that I seek in life, ratherContinue reading

Why don’t you invent the “I love you” button. It’s pretty clear, after you made all those distravtions. Distractions. You can make whatever divergence you want, my instinct is that blue eye blonde hair “Hiders. Heifers.” Big cows. They’d need to Show a true sign of

I only speak to niggers here. If you want to be a person and speak some time, try it. You might actually find the true love of someone who also knows the truth. The reality is I speak only to those who are damned to an “unfilfilled life” without a husband that truly loves them,Continue reading

Ahh so we meet again on this snowy mountaintop. Well we’ve isolated the basic groups that lack agency, or to be sympathetic, show strong signs of having questionable agency. Just the status report of humanity we’ll call it. Outside of rare cases like Elista and Franki, not many have attained to the objectivity of viewingContinue reading