Looks like an innocent pedantic Polish academic studied the wrong niche subject Literature historian dr hab. Magdalena Piekara, prof. The University of Silesia from the Institute of Literature (Faculty of Humanities) of the University of Silesia has been dealing with the Jewish question for many years in the 19th century Countdown to when I’m going to poseContinue reading

They must have foreign language teams working for google to scrub not only English websites from the results. Because it isn’t easy finding the novels I’m looking for, and I know they exist. Some more names from the MENA world you might not have heard of, in the meantime. Just because it’s a digital book-burningContinue reading

Lots of links in this livejournal article Слова жыд загінула ў полымі Галакосту, слова яўрэй — на руінах савецкай імпэрыі. жыд? яўрэй? Belarusian. Just trying to design a time-machine to wander around in the Pale. We never hear many details about it. First time I saw a description was in a biography on Robert MaxwellContinue reading

Make sure the Jews tell you what to do poor goy. The ultimate realization of the Kabbalah isn’t that Jews themselves should be killed. We can’t question them, they’re good. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t say anything against them. Jews are good, there’s no irony here. They have such a history throughout the hundredContinue reading

Having my sperg thoughts about aliens again. Earth is still at such a larval stage. The US can’t even stop the rise of China, it’s going to be engulfed. Meanwhile there are other civilizations in the multiverse that see other planets as a “China”. You’re “supposed” to create a planet that can be like theirContinue reading

This is from a world-newspapers site – all these are hyperlinks Multiple newspapers at each link. For future humanity, we need a site like this that hyperlinks to multiple goodreads sites for each country that contain all of their works in the public domain as well as pirated works, which are instantly translated to anyContinue reading

I love the internet- as much as they hide from us, there’s still so much interesting material to study I’m in the habit of distrusting Baidu, and googling Chinese words instead. This is actually a Baidu site so I might not even click it. In other words, I expect “history of Chinese historiography” to beContinue reading

Not much has changed The so-called Persian wars were wars of Greeks against barbarians I’m still trying to wrap my head around the cognitive dissonance Americans have about the peoples of the world. The wall-concept brought out starkly the beliefs of the left. Notice how there wasn’t a Vietnam War level protest at all throughoutContinue reading

Studying history so much I realize I don’t think abstractly enough, and don’t study what “history” itself is, so now I’m looking around for books on the one they generally say invented history, Herodotus. Benardete says Tacitus regarded Herodotus as a “Periclean”, a concept which can be applied to historians of our own times- mostContinue reading

Me and my bioleninist readers Whoever my brown readers, my woman readers, my jew readers, are, you are someone who I admire by virtue of you surviving. It’s next to impossible to escape democratic thinking. If lots of people believe something and only a minority believes the opposite, the chances are, you’re going to sideContinue reading