At least there’s Sergeant Hartman at the end of the day. Why don’t you see this behavior in real-life? People would probably be better off if they had to go through that. I went through a bunch of pages on z-library the other day to find a “manual” or something of the sort on MarinesContinue reading

The psychological thriller is one of the best kinds of movie in my opinion. Here are some good defining examples There are maybe 10 others of this calibre that you probably know and love. So let’s try to get to the logos of what it is. First of all, it messes with your head. ThisContinue reading

Here is one form of futurology I haven’t written much about yet Nanotechnology. Since the 1980s they’ve been working on being able to build things atom by atom at greater and greater efficiency. One practical invention they have from this is a substance that is 100x stronger than steel and 1/6th the weight. They’ve enhancedContinue reading