Now I’m imagining the Mossad C4’ing the Parthenon. Seriously, any vandal could destroy these Greek structures in the night. It really is because they’re too stupid to realize the connection between Greece and anti-communism that they don’t. Aristophanes for instance definitively refuted the telos of communism in Ecclesiazusae in a hilarious manner, and he wasContinue reading

I’m on the TOGANET now to see if they tell Heidegger “You don’t know how to speak Greek, what are you talking about?” This is an interesting observation it follows from Heidegger that the Sophist answers questions and objections raised against Plato by the young Aristotle Being and Time auto-translates to It is also Time. It IS–also, Time.Continue reading

You have to hide me, that’s the beginning and end of what you are. What a total nigger. Let’s do a repeat for the monkeybrains of the audience You have to hide me, that’s the beginning and end of what you are. What a total nigger.

This definition makes me laugh philosophy is a continual derangement of standpoint Not many can do this “continually”, that’s why philosophy proper is so rare. Once you “get the idea” with a given philosopher you aren’t deranged by them anymore. At that point it stops being philosophy technically. In this sense I do believe philosophyContinue reading

Yknow, this Gaon guy really is growing on me This is from a good article on the Chabad website. In “philosophy world” the question of panentheism is actually a pretty common debate. And for obvious reasons, I highly doubt it is ever applied to Hasidism and its secularizations. So, I think I will take aContinue reading

You’d think they’d have standalone books on Schmitt instead The task to understand him, then, is upon us! The Nomos of the Earth was published in 1950 so it’s similar in time to Jünger’s Heliopolis and Pound’s Washington Cantos. These are “our boys” – represent. Let’s just jump right into it shall we? In theContinue reading

I know I’ve caused many women mental illness and general derangement, and I just want you to know I’m not sorry. The funny part is you don’t even know me, you’d have to go on a walk with me or something at least. This is the internet. I don’t know you either!