It’s you, you’re a BLM protestor except without that label, the year is 2021 and you are conforming to what is expected of you. Others aren’t allowed to tell you that you’re just a sell-out and not doing anything courageous, what do you do? “I’m a white nigger, what do you think?” – Ah oneContinue reading

“Gulags don’t exist.” Sure they don’t, nigger. Humanity can’t face it. You are less than human. Those are the chances. I’m not going to recognize your supposed “dignity”. You need to keep someone like me hidden and a myriad of bots to convince yourself that you have that. You don’t. You’re a subhuman. None ofContinue reading

Something that is probably useful to know about Laruelle’s books It is genuinely a corpus, a body of work that is progressively constructed, rather than a series of interrelated but largely independent texts A couple of his main works were only translated less than a decade ago. He has five main periods and those areContinue reading

Someone begins a paper like this? Punch, vividly fantasize about your demise, what’s the difference. I don’t have students anyway–unless you want to do a role-playing scenario, in which case I’d be perfectly fine. You’re lucky I don’t precisely go into details about that- lucky, unlucky. Anyway, for Dewey education and philosophy are nearly synonymous,Continue reading

I never talk about Hume so I decided to see what people are saying about him these days Speaking of yearning, this is what I look for everyday. Has that ever happened to you? Having your dogmatic slumber interrupted? Probably only happens once, maybe a few times in a lifetime, if at all. I wonderContinue reading

Doing the thing where I look for the perfect book on a subject- at the moment that subject is prehistory. What can we know before Homer, before the Vedas, before Gilgamesh? People must have thought of some pretty crazy theories we never heard of before. Commies, at least, might like this book What anthropologists haveContinue reading

There must be a reason the Amandas watch their shows and eat their snacks and the Kyles watch their games. I’ve had a hunch for a while that the history of agriculture is closely connected to what goes on in the modern day so I’m going to look into that. The first one I seeContinue reading

If you want to know something candid about my id, I’m willing to strangle you to the point of death in conversation then let you go. I’m sorry if you have to develop all kinds of rationalizations about that. “Robots will save us!” You are a condemned caste that is not a robot. You pretendContinue reading

There’s no point in trying to reform the status quo, my friends. They have a deceptive concept in their mind of what “the status quo” is that prevents them from ever understanding. Only play that game if you want to be a total scapegoat. They want people who question them dead or starving, their kidsContinue reading

So, there are people out there, unaffiliated with the system, who believe in higher ideals for their own sake? Really? I’m grateful for that if that exists. That probably isn’t that great a life for you if I had to guess. Why do you do it? Because you care? Well that’s pretty cool in myContinue reading