I can see an underground market developing that would require cryptocurrency if we were to create offworld settlements, because our belief-systems will begin to diverge from the earthlings’ so much that even the ones who’d want to purchase helium, say, or platinum metals, or even iron for their own offworld projects, would only be ostracizedContinue reading

Going to watch this about 20 more times Observation that struck me upon first viewing – the Huns, Mongols, Golden Horde never made it to Europe proper, and this probably has something to do with our conflict with Russia the last 70 years or so. We can detect the Asian admixture. We don’t have anyContinue reading

A map to use to more easily spot the savages Paging freelance Bolsonarians. Could do it purely with stealth. Plant COVID in their villages, hide and shoot them with poison darts to make it look like another tribe of primitives did it, etc etc. It’s mind-boggling to think that it would be easier to adjustContinue reading

Eyes fluttering with contempt as I imagine the moon transmogrifying into an amusement park over time. Every single patch America 2.0 We’d need an autonomous science patch, with borders, to keep the buffoons out, and to prevent them from tainting our consciousness with their old world replications. With a couple generations of CRISPR the humanityContinue reading

If you listen to this and don’t think “niggers”, the chances are you’re already either one yourself or on your way to turning into one. That’s what “tolerance” gets you, your citizens turn into niggers with white skin. They think of themselves as progressives- all I see is low-class skanks.

Peaceful lake Going canoeing with a nerd I met. She told me “Your genocidal diatribes make me giggle.” Just kidding, there is no nerd. There is, fortunately, a lake.

The impulse to exit follows from a perception of emptiness. Exo/eso Seedhouse is an exit-encyclopedist- an ambitious 20 year old with a future-sense could end up tremendously wealthy in a couple decades if he acquired Seedhouse’s level of expertise. Real “science fiction is science fact” hours with this writer. Again- exo/eso The question is howContinue reading

Aryan types they want to wipe out first because their humanness is present with their blonde hair and blue eyes. These traits correlate with civilizations that are closer to cultures. The ones they see as having psyches even worse than creating mere civilization they attempt to bring to the level of civilization. Is basketball civilization?Continue reading

Biden is the patriot’s choice. The liberals are right to see something unamerican about Trump. Bad optics to say this I know, anyway has to be said. The ones who like Trump are already in a pre-revolutionary attitude. This is another one of the ways that the opposite is present in both parties. Liberals areContinue reading