This is a delicate process that I doubt is possible online Initiation is a mechanism for bringing to superhuman, higher (universal) states, and counter-initiation to infrahuman, lower states. [Guenon] also has the concept of pseudo initiation, as a kind of false initiation, which has nothing to do with the two previous ones, but is a pureContinue reading

That funny article I linked to is actually from a conference they had in Russia, and you can read more of the transcripts here Guénon took the concept of Sophia Perennis from Renaissance Platonism… This Neoplatonism lived parallel to the official theologies in the Middle Ages (hermeticism, esotericism, orders), and then broke out in the Renaissance. Al-falasafa, at-tasawwufContinue reading

To what extent is it possible to graft this onto a Eurobrain there are many Iranian mystics who have argued that they do not have any human teacher, that their mentor is the twelfth Imam, since in the Shiist world it is possible, by the grace of heaven, to have direct contact with the twelfth ImamContinue reading

I keep scrolling through various pdfs on Islamic philosophy and find myself continually gravitating back to this French scholar, there’s no one like him It was Sunni-refracted before him, now it’s all prog-refracted after him. For some reason I woke up today thinking about online friends I had as a teenager. They were from aContinue reading

Bjerknes was writing about this in 2006 Instead of the Mashiach, they said the Hidden Imam will only return by means of redemption through sin. Hint, they didn’t really care about the Hidden Imam. Do OUR Sabbateans really care about “equality”? I doubt it. The only time Jews will stop being Jews is when they’reContinue reading

Just looking at the Islam tag on that site I found the other day with some of Dugin’s old writings How dare you!!!!! You think I care? They knew about him 20 years ago? I see lots of signs that the Bolshevik Revolution was a blessing in disguise for them in the sense that now,Continue reading

Just doing a ctrl+f of “frank” through Bjerknes’ books since he’s one of the only trustable people out there The Eastern European Jews, descendants of the Frankists, took the opportunity to infiltrate American society with Communism and Anarchism I want to be SUPER precise. I do not want to settle for calling them “Kabbalists”. HehContinue reading

Ideally one should know the Friend as well as one knows the Enemy. So I’ll probably get to Shi’ism later. For now, THIS Stupid Ivan simply loves wringing the secrets out of the Enemy. The different “Torahs” can ackshually be mapped on to the different sephirothic worlds Atzilut What we usually think of as “theContinue reading

Who’s really pulling me in, why do I have hope in humanity, I don’t know. Sorry to always say it, it’s not an anthropomorphic thing, it’s not humans. While I still speak English, I might as well continue to approach the most objective Forms. Where did we leave off? In my mind, thee Political MysteryContinue reading