The best you can do in a Culture of Losers like ours is denounce them as a bunch of niggers who are controlled by Jews and walk away. You do nothing, only someone desperate would be your friend. You’ve decided to be a loser and be on the side of whores, jews, and niggers. WhatContinue reading

You’re a nigger. I see no point in talking to you. There’s no one to respect. I only continue writing here because I feel sorry for people. Eventually I will stop caring even about that. You have no hope, you are a doomed subhuman who is going to resemble an animal in the future becauseContinue reading

I feel like the mystery is pretty much solved. You’ll slowly die in the process of solving it. Because people don’t want it solved. They’ve grown fond of the apparatus that facilitates “Everything is Permitted”. It’s kind of like a never-ending vacation for them. When the mystery is solved that ends. There’s balance in theContinue reading

Spicy etymology from Mullins Hebrew in all ancient literature was written as “Habiru”… the Egyptians always wrote of the Jews as “the cutthroat bandits from across the river”. From a 1952 book Habiru translates to, among other things, “dirty outlaw murderer” besides simply cutthroat. I always think I’ve found all possible “nicknames” for them. Habiru,Continue reading

In today’s Greece Eustace Mullins is known as Efstathios Malins. Who better to ask about the Byzantines than the Greeks? how the forces from Venice had just evolved from in 1100 AD until modern times… It took centuries of patient effort for the New World Order to gain momentum. The ones behind the Bank ofContinue reading

Esoteric explanation for Russophobia and the hatred of Putin They were forbidden from positions in government, education, and the economy. If they have such ill-will toward everyone who isn’t them then why shouldn’t it be that way? I’m reminded of an old Polish newspapuh Poor Poland, the least “Byzantine” country there ever was. Wait no,Continue reading

Instead of surrendering to my id and fantasizing all day about secretly knocking a woman up without the feds discovering so they don’t ruin her life I’m choosing to challenge myself to get a better grasp of what I take to be the most perplexing of all ancient artifacts Writers like Aristophanes, Thucydides, that’s takingContinue reading

Speaking sharply, the Jew telos has a morbidly obese black woman connected to it. Why else would they defend them and enshrine that attitude as state-policy? They identify with them. Half of the identify of the “ruling-caste” is an obese savage that found its way to a civilized country. I don’t relate to that atContinue reading