You’re such a bought soul there’s no reason to try to talk with you. You believe that your livelihood is connected with redeeming the immoral history of the Rabbi people. If you question the people behind the newspapers then you will be using newspapers as a blanket, while you sleep on a cardboard mattress underneathContinue reading

This is the Yandex staff in the 90s, it really wasn’t the same over there, was it? It’s not like I have much of a fashion sense myself, I just notice that there is something not right here. What happened with the USSR? I have no idea where to find a reliable resource. We willContinue reading

International emails 用户@例子.广告 अजय@डाटा.भारत квіточка@пошта.укр χρήστης@παράδειγμα.ελ Dörte@Sö коля@пример.рф Another layer of suspicion – why use Latin script at all on the internet? We talk about googling things, right? And Yandex is the Russian google. So I yandexed yandex. Why isn’t it all in cyrillic? I also learned that yandex is registered in the Netherlands. WhyContinue reading

I still don’t think people have a clue about the implications of this Last night I posted about how Zhuangzi is the genius of China. Confucius was always the standard, and then you had some who, probably adept at practicing ketman, studying the Taoists on the side. Similar kind of phenomenon with Alfarabi and Islam.Continue reading

Why do I call the recent peace in the middle east a psyop? Because they were bombed into submission (we were guilted into submission, oh yeah there were bombs 75 years ago too) and essentially bribed with business, kind of funny they call it a “deal”. Just speculating here, I think muslims across the globeContinue reading

It never ends, I translated the simple word america in syrian and find tons of books they don’t want you knowing about Unconstitutional? You don’t say? All I knew about Syria until recently was Syrian rue which someone who isn’t me has used as a substitute for caapi as an ayahuasca ingredient, I just thoughtContinue reading

If Murdoch controls the Chinese internet, my thought is to look for his connections to the CCP on the Russian internet. Possibly countries that don’t think too fondly of China that are close to them, such as the Philippines and South Korea- the latter has a popular search engine called Naver. See, you’d think thatContinue reading

Henry Kissinger is obsolete and I advise anyone of China to find different Westerners to draw wisdom from. I’ll be real with you people- 庄子 is likely the ultimate brain of China. Falun Gong, whatever kind of opinion-control they have, Zhuangzi is the one who knows about how the world works. Both the CCP andContinue reading