No one even has a personality, the (((market))) tells them what “their” personality needs to be. I just want to see you pure and unfiltered. Am I really a bad guy for wanting that? Personality and everything about you concerns what can make “you” shekels. Look at that, dopey golem after dopey golem. There’s nothingContinue reading

I have to hand it to some that they refrain from flying into rants about the qellipot. Just sit back, tolerate it, slowly die inside. Like I said, there’s a similar “doctrine” in Greek and German though besides just the Hebrew (and probably in others too if I strained myself to think about it). IContinue reading

For reference People aren’t going to hand you this awareness so I do it instead Do you think it’s important to know what Aristotle thought of Plato? Similar dynamic between Luria and the Zohar. And if I have to remind you, it seems I’ve isolated the heart of the Zohar to be the Idras. MostContinue reading

This flu from a bat gave me a paranormal experience, what’s up with that? I’ve had worse flus before though. Carrying on with Luria who seems to give us a proto-genealogical take here You know I’m just “darkly hinting” here. I ate an orange for the vitamin c and decided to try some of theContinue reading

Franki at shekina.mybb always makes me laugh Who really has a subforum titled this? One thing I like the russkies over the americans for is I don’t know them to have leeched off me without ever giving me any credit. Some truly sad, niggerly behavior there.

COVID finally got me. Sleepy. Tanya on audiobook 👍 I still don’t take it back that it’s the mark of the chattering-class to talk about it constantly, whether for or against state protocols. It does not befit a human being to speak on that low level constantly. They will never ascend to a higher plane,Continue reading