Found some excerpts from that book on Platonism also translated this year: Russia must choose its path quickly, because “ahead are a crisis and the quick end of the known order.” And, in the next essay, “Plato’s Relevance for Russia and the Platonic Minimum,” Dugin proposes mass education in the political philosophy of Plato. ThoseContinue reading

If Dugin still holds to the initiative he advocated in the 90s to destroy America, to “pay them back in the same coin” for the fall of the USSR, I don’t see why we shouldn’t return the favor. Clearly, whatever doctrines Dugin suggests for his fellow Russians, we should sabotage by propagating the direct oppositeContinue reading

Looks like Dugin is cooking up a noble lie to unite Russia With eleven time-zones I wonder how many ethnoses they have. “Only one!!” orders Dugin. It’s interesting reading this recently translated book of his, Ethnosociology, from a priest’s perspective (everything is interesting from a priest’s perspective).

[Deleuze voice] Philosophy is the creation of concepts: Power does not only delete the text. Power edits it. At least according to Wikipedia, not known for its anticommunist venom, millions died in the famines of Lysenkoist agriculture—driven by a political edit of biology—an idea more dangerous than a hydrogen bomb. “political edit” – nifty

There’s been a multi-year plot against me to convince people that dirt races aren’t real. It’s good to never acknowledge that niggers are mud that exist at a pre-scientific, pre-literate level.

If you want to talk about disturbing psychologies, jewesses like to be strangled to death and kissed in their final moment before they die. Did yhwh make this rule about them? Oh well I prefer aryans anyway.

“Alright you caught me.” What??? You admitted it??? Real existentialism hours with those concepts he introduced. It’s not only the elites who are guilty of that, it’s also just regular people. The elites and people reinforce each other in the sustainment of the state religion (“government” as Yarvin calls it). I witness firsthand on aContinue reading