God doesn’t want “minions of evil” to rule humanity, does He? I direct my discussion to the Jews of today who relate to Moses, and the beginning of Judaism, before,, Before Do you feel up for a “theological conversation”? If you don’t, that’s fine. “Jew Yorkers” aren’t the people I’m talking to here, only theContinue reading

No, don’t do this to me, Self, don’t do this to me again, don’t make me write on the internet once again, don’t do this to me. “Being cold online” is just too addictive to give up sometimes. So, I recently found a ton of lectures on Luria. They just know that the goymind isContinue reading

The orc and goblin clans just prefer you kill yourself. My thought is, might as well if I have no cousins that are part of me. I feel alone in a world of niggers. Why live?

Sweet, someone did a reading of one of Guénon’s books on Hinduism If you want a comprehensive understanding of Evola you can’t skip Guénon. There’s not much material on Guénon out there so people must think you can. This title makes me laugh, I don’t care if it’s an old meme He’s one of theContinue reading

The Russian people seem like the “true Christmas” to me. There’s “digestion” in the subspecies. Based on my time on Yandex at least, the Russians are the “flowered Aryans” of the present. Don’t think I don’t know you Russians sided with the Brits. Russians are the relative best, in terms of flowering. Iran doesn’t matterContinue reading

Plotinus slingin some “geburah” They all just want to pretend this doesn’t exist. Everyone is “equally” NOT that. Sure… This is a spiritual crisis, being trapped in matter. It’s possible to help free people, but our whole political zeitgeist is geared around pretending no one is trapped in it. “You’ve said that their genetics sometimesContinue reading