This Iranian seems to know his stuff Like I said earlier, it would be a relief if we were wrong about all this. genealogy noises Is there leveling even within their own ranks? He claims things changed between them after WW2 The voices of the Sephardim, I’d like to find some of those. Something toContinue reading

See what I mean by historiography? Now, I’m not reading these things uncritically. I’d like to see how they prove that. It’s pretty strange that the last 19 years we’ve been in the middle east I never heard anything about this. What’s ancient history like in other places in that region? I mean, what’s theirContinue reading

This is another world – I saw the following in that interview and realized that the Iranians probably have the most accurate takes on all those countries our best pals have been kicked out of No results for this, I’m going to try a few different ways to translate it later. I want toContinue reading

An interview that seems too good to be true The interviewee, Harold Rosenthal, was the advisor of a senator. He was allegedly murdered after this interview. Kissinger, speaking of someone who needs the truth serum treatment. I’m sure most of his secrets have already been handed down to others, similar to the case of Maxwell.Continue reading

Very fine people on both sides The CCP MUST have secret literature on this subject. Good morning, this is called using natural reason to infer knowledge about covert agencies across the globe, hello I am the King of the Earth. Don’t like what I’m talking about? That’s because you’re controlled by the things I’m talkingContinue reading

What a relief it would be if I was wrong about Jews, whores, leftists, niggers, all the rest. Sadly I don’t think I am. You’re all just not decent people, and mostly determine your beliefs based on the market designed by people like you. You’re pieces of shit and the reason you don’t like meContinue reading

Every day, it’s just a normal reality for me to expect to be imprisoned or murdered at any moment, or for my site to be disappeared, and if the latter happens you can find me here. That won’t happen though, at least for now, because they just use me as the enemy that they canContinue reading

Something they say causes nihilism (虚无主义) over there – the Doubting Antiquity School (疑古派) The reason why the old things are mentioned here is because it is related to our attitude towards Chinese history and our cultural self-confidence. It can be said that the antiquity school is the source of the evil of historical nihilism. IContinue reading

Someone posted this image of He Xin, I had this thought too If you write books on “freemasonry” and the fabrication of history there’s a chance you’re something of a lizard person yourself. Why did he suddenly stop writing seven years ago anyway? Is he in the Tiger Cage? This is at the end ofContinue reading

While it’s possible that this is orchestrated CCP propaganda, I’m trying to read it seriously because it seems it’s from a renowned scholar – and no, looking at our own academy I’m aware that these two things aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. Here’s the first link I found Few Chinese people know that there are atContinue reading