Love to find a hate queen. So rare, and their accounts are always disappeared. You can’t find that with leftist women. They gear their good taste toward leftist causes and that’s not being a hate queen at all. People have seriously began acting like monkeys and they don’t even realize it. All racism means isContinue reading

I hate to tell you, if your message is indistinguishable from a rap song’s, the chances are you are similar to the kind of person who listens to rap, which is to say, you’re an objective moron.

Imagining a Chabadist reading this, an evangelical Hebrew who is similar to whites in not being able to be a Jew. We can be friends if you want. I know neither of us could see the other as equals. We only can talk telepathically, you might have noticed. The reason for this is because… areContinue reading

I always feel that my intended readers form a society across history. There’s something similar between shamanism and Alfarabi in that regard. It’s a sense that we’ve already been here and we’re here once again. See, the cattle are the same as they ever were. And then the more ancient ones in my mental panopticonContinue reading

What they don’t teach you in history class PolskieрусскийУкраїнськийLietuvisБеларускаяRomână All these languages, with technology, you can use to try to understand the Pale of Settlement from people who lived in those countries where it was instead of relying on the biased interpretation of an Zio-American professor. You can get a better understanding than a PhDContinue reading

A Romanian “It’s jUsT a CoNsPiRaCy!” That’s why every single country I find they characterize it pretty much the same way, which most Americans refuse to do themselves. Speaking of Romanians… I was so naive about a year and a half ago, asking Romanian friends if they could translate Schimbarea la față a României forContinue reading

What can be found googling all these languages?! I must done that white person thing where I fetishize exoticism by looking for sites in Arabic – obviously most of the ones above are going to have “white brain” takes that one can appreciate. How severe is the brainwash in Europe though? Then there’s also thisContinue reading

Lurkmore has a tag called “Our Everything” with various unknown (at least to me) writers’ names followed by “is our everything!” and I trust their judgment so I’m clicking around on that. Pushkin is the definitive one? I’ll have to check’eem out. I see Lurkmore through this lens- a relative peak of highest wisdom priorContinue reading

I don’t respect people who say what they need to say, and if I don’t respect them then I have no reason to talk to them. Why do I not care about continuing the filibuster? It’s because I see so few signs that anyone deserves respect.