Never have had a conversation regarding the goings-on of this place in ten years. It’s a lonesomeness here that only few will understand. “We want knowledge hidden!” – jew It’s really knowledge of the jew itself they want hidden. What a total, depraved nigger.

We the mossad “the feds of the demiurge” will kill you slowly and slowly, we will never help you like you tried to help us. I know.. that’s what living in “niggerworld” is. Just another day of being unable to sleep because no one will cross the boundary and declare that scapegoating a dissident isContinue reading

Why does Lampert have to say this? Seth Benardete, like Leo Strauss, judged that the Symposium occupies the privileged place in the Platonic kosmos. “No one is ready for that discussion.” No one is ready for any discussion, that’s why it’s a discussion at all. “Is this now the HUNDREDTH time you’ve tried to ‘center’ the Plato-corpus?” Yeah..Continue reading

This study of Abulafia has less of an echo chamber quality to it than Idel and Wolfson’s. The latter have a common academic tendency of getting “bogged-down” in pedantry which loses sight of what is educative. Why am I the only person who has a “dialogue” with these Rabbis!! Life indeed is a joke, inContinue reading

I am continuing to try to free Kabbalah from the hegemons of contemporary scholarship. Similar to examining Crowley’s appropriation the other day, I want to go back farther in time to the first major goyische appropriation which was by Pico della Mirandola during the Renaissance. His main sources were Abulafia and Menahem of Recanati whoContinue reading

Apparently one of Dostoevsky’s novels contains veiled political themes I’m of course not droolingly braindead enough to ask the English-speaking world about this. I can only hope (in vain) that you’ve also adjusted your own instincts in that way. This was published the same year as The Birth of Tragedy. It’s a subtle attack aimedContinue reading

“What’s the difference between a monkeyperson and a degenerate?” Who cares, they’re both worthless. Theoretically, you could distinguish between the two though.