What’s always struck me as a similarity between ancient Chinese and Greek philosophy is the idea that everything should be in its right place. This has been in the background of my thoughts when I’ve questioned our overlords. The fact that half our congress is “made up” of lawyers doesn’t quite grind my gears asContinue reading

This is the “primal scene” or origin of our state religion. It all began here, with bourgeois travel. Put on your safari gear and watch the ones in safari gear watching them. What was their initial reaction? They surely were discriminating. Grown adults living in the kinds of forts that kids in our countries makeContinue reading

It’s amusing to me the cognitive dissonance many tend to have when I start acting like a fascist psychopath. They really don’t want to publicly admit that there is indeed a time and a place for that! No no we’re going to stick with the old-fashioned way, elections and bureaucrats will solve all the problemsContinue reading

This is one of the most pressing debates on the right to have IMO: “Leo Strauss rejects secularization theories in explaining the modern world. He traces the origins of modernity to the “anti-theological ire” of Machiavelli, Bacon, Descartes, and Hobbes—meaning, their anger against Christianity for its denigration of the world and its terrible religious wars; in reactionContinue reading

I think about this statement a lot It’s enigmatic because Heidegger never really said much about politics. I infer that Strauss was indicating that the dimensions of the problem of a world society can be extrapolated from his meditation on being. (Suspend “The They-self” and the rest follows I think.) I’ve been trying to sketchContinue reading

Too cool to be published, meanwhile I wither away at my day job and cowards who are dumber than a box of rocks live lives of luxury. I’m not being everyone’s dancing monkey for four years in a row. Give me a billion dollars then we’ll talk. Humanity has failed me too many times forContinue reading

The timecube might as well be the spacecube since even when I’m not “here” I’m still here in my mind! Made a concerted effort to study Montesquieu without any political bias, without any “today”, as we owe it to these centuries-dead bigbrains to try to understand their perspective on their own terms. Also listened toContinue reading

So what I’ve noticed is that I’ve been running an orphanage within an orphanage of sorts, and if I exit stage right for a matter of hours most of the kids are overwhelmed with amnesia of what has been said and return back to hive-consciousness. My presence shouldn’t be the thing that keeps you awayContinue reading