So I’ve read a few places that the grand synthesizer of those Sufis (who lived at the same time as Descartes) is heavily politicized in Iran today, and I want to know more about him before I steep in too much boilerplate, most of his works still unavailable in English, and I see this nameContinue reading

They must not “want” to descend to a place of such depravity the Neoplatonists put this all in an emanationist frame, such that, the forms seem as if to “desire” to manifest in the world. That is, they are forms which are also forces Another way to put it is they don’t want to descend toContinue reading

I’m fixated on this okay? Diverging from roots shared with Western thought in the concept of the imaginative faculty, the Islamic imaginal realm is supra-individual and more real than matter. Is it even possible for us to understand this? What could this possibly mean? mediating between the senses and the intelligence… what it perceives isContinue reading

Sorry if you see a certain word here and all it makes you think of is techies from silicon valley puking, because that’s your loss If I were on a manmade island in international waters this would be highly interesting to me as well You have to kind of be a “mean” person to lookContinue reading

So they’re framing the new Dune movie as a “crusade” They’re partly responsible for that too. Man, that would be perfect too for deconditioning if the movie actually based itself on the book which has various Islamic themes. Framing it as a crusade, Zionism, don’t think about it too much. Mankind’s movement through deep spaceContinue reading

Someone says it we are as a species somehow aligned to a universal ‘function’, a programme whose underlying telos is the manufacture of deities What is Being? Being is the posthuman. What is the point of life? The posthuman. What is also the point of life? Enjoying life as a posthuman. Part of that enjoymentContinue reading

While the translation is garbled, you get the point, and this point isn’t made on the English internet anywhere “Initiation” never ended. Professors themselves are initiates who initiate the young into “the mysteries”. And guess who bankrolls the universities? That’s right, people who want students to be initiated into beliefs that perpetuate their control ofContinue reading

The Shah is mentioned 170 times in Rockefeller’s memoirs, can’t get more obvious than that This dinosaur Kissinger is still alive out there! Imagine the secrets that HE knows. I’m sure they’ll die with him too. Apparently 11 banks were connected with Chase “For whatever reason” he was personally concerned about the Shah’s sister’s childrenContinue reading

What led Ibn ‘Arabi away from the stultifying political atmosphere of Spain to the Orient was a vision of the throne of God surrounded by infinite columns of fire, and the Angel Gabriel circling above in the form of a celestial bird. Meanwhile I have a “vision” of immanent Hell that’s pushing me there. IbnContinue reading