A Lewisian ideal “So be vicious to me then.” Are you sure you can take it? Or will you have to resort to being a “typical dishonorable kike”? I think we know the answer to that. So the next of importance among subhumans I choose to address is women. “Are you implying we’re the secondContinue reading

Lewis has a book on America he wrote in 1948 You cannot build so vast a state at top speed out of a wilderness prettily Lewis himself was actually half-American, half-British, who spent most of his life in Britain but traveled to America, so he’s a peculiar one to right such a book. Born inContinue reading

In 1955 T. S. Eliot called Wyndham Lewis “the most distinguished living English novelist” so I’m diving into the latter again. If someone writes a satire of communism it doesn’t matter if they’re the best novelist, because they’re canceled. There are two general sides to Lewis, the creative and the critical, and he said bothContinue reading

We never got to the Joycean critique of Jung yesterday, and that study I found is on a particularly spicy subject so I feel the urge to return to it. Talking about Sophia is similar to talking about the √úbermensch, except it’s for women. I think some appreciate that. I know lots of people don’tContinue reading

The only time a “Celtic woman” would be happy is if she was raped, and forced into … [silence] Which explains some of my daughters (who I love). A terrible thing happened to you. “Why don’t you go into more detail?” Because there is a woman who knows in better detail, and you can consultContinue reading

“If you truly loved me you’d tell me a solution to my misery.” Well I do truly love you. So that itself should decrease the misery. “Only a “NAZI” sees that we are very unhappy.” No shit. “Why don’t you try to think of an EQUALITY between us?” I try to do that for youContinue reading

You want to play a game? If you decide to be part of the “cock sorcerists” You will be eliminated from the so-called “Nazis”. Hello, nice beeautiful model of the future. “You only see me that way because I’m a certain way.” No shit, retard.” “Why don’t you just tell us the future.” About deadContinue reading

What do you think, “true flower”? Did you think I would doubt that. What if I always saw you as a true flower. “I’m bought and paid for, shut up!” I prefer the version of you that is a flower. (I love you.) (Your “name” is related to “Christmas”) “Tell me my name so IContinue reading