Given the all-pervasiveness of Artxell Syndrome among non-whites (I’ve never known one without it, have you?) even if other countries developed a CRISPR-tek they wouldn’t even know how to use it properly, being unable to think about rangordnung clearly without feelings of resentment. They’d end up only perpetuating their vices. Only a minority of euroContinue reading

From a book that mentions GRIN and DARPA The co-discoverer of DNA said it, you’re not allowed to say it. The scientists of GRIN probably say it, you’re not allowed to say it- stupidity is a genetic disease. This is because all of our political cult-ure is centered on denying it. Realtalk is for theContinue reading

Need to find out more about that GRIN program I mentioned. Hint hint leftists I wonder how much of it is secret Is it an allusion to Leary?? Does being state-controlled make certain circuits off-limits?

Symptoms that show that neither Trump or CNN own America A mind-virus owns America, not any one person family, group of people. It’s an idea above all people, an egregore, that as we see here even its most prominent propagandists are at the mercy of (CNN probably because they’re a multibillion dollar corporation). Let’s anthropomorphizeContinue reading

Marxists will like this one. Plato was the Platonic form of business owner The product he sold was the techne of how to run the business of society, a product most of the civilized world still uses today, indirectly or inversely. Soros, incidentally, being a Popperian, is an anti-Platonist. He runs the business of burningContinue reading

Good news guys, our favorite race of saints has gone from 13 to 14% of the population, and we can only expect these crime numbers of theirs to rise across the board in the future If you want to help them improve, helping them burn buildings down or forgiving them for burning buildings down isContinue reading

Seeing this subtitle dissolved my American History X curbstomp thoughts Shoot a bunch of coons that deserve it and the left will just use it against us. Be responsible for why people can’t go for a walk at night in major cities and people have to center “da national conversation” on police brutality, give meContinue reading

Some brainier takes on riots than you’ll find in the media or on social media. You shouldn’t need someone to suggest this to you, you should autonomously seek the most thorough, thought-out takes. Treat the word “riots” in the first sentence as a placeholder that could be a million other words. Relying on journalists andContinue reading

My idea of feminism is too ideal, I expect women to abandon the optics that control them. Today they believe in monkeys and jews, whatever pays the bills, still the same subordinate status of any other epoch. Still can’t fathom the true motherly instinct of having children that are cognitively superior to anyone who’s everContinue reading