Trying to get an idea of whether the Chinese public is aware that the moon is a giant diamond in the sky. Not many results for helium-3. The first link superstitiously warns of apocalypse Excellent, it’s good for us for them to think that way. Then on another link I see this face again DoesContinue reading

I believe in love because I don’t think humans would be able to live without that, and there’s one person in the world who understands that, does she think I’m perfect, no, and I wouldn’t even be so rude as to tell her about her own imperfections, that’s what love means. You’re so beautiful sweetie,Continue reading

This looks like it could be a good one We have no idea how controlled he is though, this could be another psyop – I do like the sound of this Just an Australian guy being a dude, what’s so wrong with it? What “they” are running is an Ape Breeding Program, and if youContinue reading

Finally happened upon something more engaging than contemporary politics. Thank you Chinese people. I’m sure that will be connected somehow though unfortunately. I guess it’s pretty easy to see a connection here already, and I really thought I was avoiding that. Is he still writing somewhere? His last publication was in 2013, the one followingContinue reading

One prolific Chinese scholar has a book with a chapter in it that looks like this Then on a site about someone similar to this guy I see some crazy theories that are just kind of fun to think about Homer’s epics are forged Jesus was a man of the Middle Ages. He was bornContinue reading

Here’s a Chinaman asking the right question A conspicuous place he mentions. Out of all the places in China he could’ve talked about I have said before that the privatization of national wealth will ultimately benefit foreign capital… In June, the fact that ConocoPhillips polluted Bohai Bay was disclosed by CNOOC employees. But ConocoPhillips ignored it.Continue reading

Iranians are freer, Chinese are freer The princelings must “know” Let’s see what’s on their internet shall we – 犹太 This is one of the suggested searches at the end of the first page of baidu – 美国的犹太人势力有多强 Finding lots of interesting links with that This Chinaman believes the WASPs are represented by the MorgansContinue reading

What a chaotic year. “Why can’t life be like those 1950s BBQ ads?” It’s probably going to keep going. “It’s 2021 now, things are different.” Yeah right. Pretend the word “democracy” doesn’t exist, you’ve never heard of it. Thinking of 2020, do you like democracy, if we were to call it that? Everyone is aContinue reading

I wonder if rather than just China they want the whole enchilada, and by that I mean tikka masala A horrible thought crosses my mind- “Artxell in office”. Joe is dead, he looks like a pale prune, you know she’s going to be president. And I don’t know if you noticed, that would make theContinue reading

I still think this is the strangest site I’ve found for a while, the one that was on a Taiwanese search engine. One would expect that after all my searching, being the rabid antisemite that I am, I’d be able to link you to a corresponding “ZOG banned news” site. No dear reader, I doContinue reading