This is what a god would do – neech ripped him right off in this sense While I know people disagree with me (mostly hipsters who fetishize contrarianism) that neech is the culmination of the German Renaissance, just pretending that’s an accurate judgment for a second, don’t you think it’s a devastating problem in scholarshipContinue reading

Back to Danto again, since everything can’t be about Mr. Choinski – this is enticing If art evolves, philosophy has to evolve. There are scholars out there known as Dantians who might have developed his thought further since the 8 years ago this last book of his was written–if you want the most “contemporary” understandingContinue reading

“You’re not funny.” I don’t try to be. Just a few-day vacation in a nice cabin, I hear Poland is great in the summer This is chilling to read, about another “cabin theorist” Paul Rassinier also could have made a name for himself in politics if, when he was a socialist representative in 1946, heContinue reading

Look at this delectable morsel published this year panoramic discussions of broader issues in the study of Roman historiography, the conference aimed to facilitate debate… about the literary-rhetorical nature of historiography I bet there’s a study on Medieval historiography somewhere too. How arbitrary ours is. That’s the objective of studying historiography from different times, realizingContinue reading

It’s all based on the fact that you’re going to die some day. It all follows from that. People were taught to believe in heaven and hell because that ordered their lives. You don’t have to believe in the afterlife to get the same effects believing in the afterlife grants, there are other options. You’reContinue reading

Maybe you’ll understand yourself better, or at least your relation to me, if you realize that someone like me would’ve been lynched or stoned to death in most other times in history. The internet has allowed for a certain “relaxation” of that rigidity. That doesn’t mean that you’re not still part of the mob thatContinue reading

I don’t know if I should trust this study Looks like she’s put on some poundage – must have been one of my readers, that tends to happen This is the worst thing you can see “Please love me Nick, I’ll have my brother killed and give you control of Facebook.” I’m sure she doesn’tContinue reading

Don’t you just love the sound of this a dramatic genre defined by its topical satire, high poetry, frank speech, and obscenity It’s like a controlled meltdown, a freeflow of the subconscious. We often talk about “art as imitation” – this is the imitation of reality to make a certain person or certain people lookContinue reading

Ah so this is where he might’ve picked that up from Schlegel thought that this Aristophanic artform contained the most Freedom and Joy of any. I jump from painting to this because I can intuit the truth of that. Can’t you? In other words, I want the most freedom and joy in my life atContinue reading

See what I mean about Arthur Danto? “Dantian” – what did he innovate to deserve that? I found his neech book lukewarm back in the day so I’ve avoided him. Still, that’s telling if he at least wrote a book about such a subject. He seems to be one of America’s “Badious” so to speak.Continue reading