Apparently one of Dostoevsky’s novels contains veiled political themes I’m of course not droolingly braindead enough to ask the English-speaking world about this. I can only hope (in vain) that you’ve also adjusted your own instincts in that way. This was published the same year as The Birth of Tragedy. It’s a subtle attack aimedContinue reading

“What’s the difference between a monkeyperson and a degenerate?” Who cares, they’re both worthless. Theoretically, you could distinguish between the two though.

Nice GOSSIP, ape. After years of deciding that someone SUPERIOR to you should be invisible in the public. The decision of humanity is to have PURE retards be present in public and to have anyone who makes them feel that way to be hidden. This is the true jew telos. Bribery. Any piece of shitContinue reading

The whole internet watches as someones who Tells the Truth descends into scapegoating and impoverishment and no one does anything about it. You are truly lost. What true niggers. I’m the smartest of your generation, the boldest and the wisest, and you want me to die. That is a true sign that you are hopelessContinue reading

jews aren’t Blondes, this says everything you need to know about their inability to see the light. They look like rats because their soul is that way. Put a shirt on, Jew, that says the word “NIGGER”

I said I was meaning to talk about Scruton’s musicology, and I decided that’s too technical (mathematical-aesthetical) for Weimarians to understand, so I look at one of his books on Wagner instead Many things are left out of the “LOTR” series. These are the operas that inspired Tolkien. WHO is Wotan? This is the “Zeus”Continue reading