Some good news about this other Yiddish “underworld” writer Warszawski This kind of stuff will be good for anon writers of the future. What were those pre-war shtetls really like? Realist writers who lived in them will give us some idea of that. Is he even translated into English? That doesn’t really matter anymore withContinue reading

I might have to purchase one of these in Tel Aviv to degrade purely out of spite “Jokes” aside, still have not found The Thief by Sholem Asch. I did realize something though- I’ve been googling Hebrew rather than Yiddish, might find different results with the latter. I wonder what we could find here WhenContinue reading

A brave Cohen doesn’t believe this history should be suppressed He says “white slavery” effectively ended at the holocaust, coincidentally. This is a review of this book that seems to have been bought off the market for reasons of maintaining “respectability” Based on the reviews I’ve found, that subtitle is misleading. Bristow teaches a courseContinue reading

This makes me laugh, maybe it shouldn’t I wonder if there’s anything cross-cultural about the qliphoth Less than 1% of scientological “scripture” is unpublished – does it pertain to the knowledge of evil? There’s probably a 16 year old reading this, go play baseball or something, kid. Mystical kabbalah could possibly be more dangerous thanContinue reading

On a walk I remembered my old self. Probably from 5 years ago. It’s been wild. No one would even believe me if I told them, wouldn’t even understand, so I don’t bother. Are “crypto-people” a historical constant? Maybe via pamphlets prior to the internet? It’s weird. I’m starting to remember my old, more innocentContinue reading

I wasn’t asking YOU I’m going to burn in hell for this. And you’ll be there with me dear reader. One clue I’ve found of this nature is the upper sill. The heeb-speakers don’t tell me anything useful so I turn to my Arabic friends – nothing. Now I ask the Persians. Find a reviewContinue reading

A suggestion from anuddah auticle from dat Yarovrat Da auticle’s titled Jews of the city of Dunwich. What is goin on heuh? I still haven’t been able to find da collected wuhks of dis Yarovrat. I did foind da first book of dat petulant Petukhov’s Star Revenge easily on google. The courts ruled against theseContinue reading

I always bring up how I want to be judged by extraterrestrials. That is what I seek this morning when I Yandex קליפת נוגה (Venus shell). I don’t approach them with hostility, I approach them expecting to learn something. This Kabbalistic reading of Exodus is somewhat interesting in that it seems to presuppose a humanContinue reading

The idea of an extremist feminist reading this after all the terrible, dehumanizing things I’ve said is the timeline I like the most. If you can do that what else are you capable of? Wearing an apron? It’s alright, I respect Beauvoir, more than you probably know, there are just basic acknowledgments that the leftContinue reading

I’m convinced that I’m essentially permatripping and have escaped being a monkey. I return to this world and be a normal monkey recurrently, it just isn’t my natural state. They try to portray people like me as even more primitive than a monkey, a dinosaur, that’s what’s funny. People get mad and rationalize why theyContinue reading