Just trying to live a quiet life of study amidst the hostilely-upheld illusions of the all too worldly. They seek to maintain tranquility (tranquilization) by keeping people rooted to their vague doctrines on earth regarding human-sameness, and away from the realm of the forms where distinct human types can be delineated. The only ousia permittedContinue reading

The way I think of the problem, violence is necessary against people who are too self-centered for their own good. Most of the Bioleninist causes are from people who want to preserve the kind that they are, at the cost of degenerating the total population. We have lots of controversial types that fall into thisContinue reading

I miss Caligula-mode, I keep my violent impulses in check now cuz I don’t know what I can get away with here. Does Being itself not like Caligula-mode or do we return to the question of the need for an urbit, a neo-internet. Only a matter of time before someone tries it IRL. Can’t getContinue reading

Just in case it hasn’t clicked for you yet what the mechanism of this neologism “Bioleninism” is… If you were to stand on a busy sidewalk with a megaphone chanting “Diversity is our weakness” or a similar message, what would happen? You would infuriate all those who fall under the category of what makes ourContinue reading

Departing utopian lalaland for a second, maybe the one who should decide is the Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts. Who better? If culture determines both the way of life of the citizenry as well as the government, in a manner unforeseen by the founders of the country, should we not create anContinue reading

In the same way that the US invaded the Middle East to attempt to install democracy, we need a group to invade the US to attempt to install aristocracy. Democracy was incompatible with the people over there, would aristocracy be incompatible with the people here? Doesn’t it sound crazy and impossible to take away mostContinue reading

Feeling fuzzy around the edges since Land gave me a nice bludgeon. Eh that’s how it is in this business. There’s hive, outer-hive, and an unknown horizon, if you start to venture off into that you’ll be restrained and carried back to the legal council. No one wants to talk about those limit-experiences.

As I posted previously, there’s a subterranean aversion to permanent revolution, which explains the typical unwavering faith in democracy and constitutionalism. The US and West in general seems to be at present mired in the flip side of the coin of permanent revolution: A certain amnesia has its benefits. Without it, a year after draftingContinue reading

I wish I could spend a day as one of the upholders of the noble lie, just so I can know what it’s like. It’s in a sense Platonists vs. Aristotelians: The Platonists hold justice to be higher than philosophy (truth-seeking) whereas the Aristotelians identify philosophy with justice. Justice is another way of saying theContinue reading