Doing some digging on those Chinese plutocrats, the descendants of the so-called Eight Immortals, because it irritates me that our media is likely in direct cahoots with them, limiting our knowledge of their nature, aims, and activities. What’s intriguing to me is the possibility that they have a pact with each other such that theContinue reading

From Al Jazeera – good to know Scrolling through their site, it seems Belarus is a Russian satellite-state, and they want to keep it that way. “Why do you even care about the non-US ra ra ra ra.” Because we already have the US down to a science, it’s been pretty dull for a coupleContinue reading

Looking at this of 1900 and meditating on what a country is There’s something less chaotic with all these unities here in 1900. I look at Switzerland and think “Do you have to be like that? Just merge!” Something more “organized” about fewer countries. Do you get that at all? Just instinctively. Seeing Belgium orContinue reading

Hello, Queen of Israel, are you reading this? Make me a sandwich, and I guarantee I’ll give you a perspective of the world your abrahamic “allies” only delude you about. It’s just a sandwich, actually I do like pies too, what could you worry about? One on one somewhere without anyone knowing what we said.Continue reading

These faces are making me laugh For “the reality of human suffering” file. To be fair, at least Al Jazeera reports on it at all. One might look at this as a quiet Vietnam War. Parallels can only be approximate though, hence why I laugh. Do I really care what’s going on in other countriesContinue reading

Speaking of “groundbreaking”, this reminds me of the importance of Bitcoin Bitcoin seems to have been “disappeared” in its own way over the last year or so, I’m sure it’s a pure coincidence, we don’t have any conspiracy theorists here who would theorize about any non-coincidences of course. Anyway, just reading up on that GlazyevContinue reading

Finding a Russian version of neoreaction on the internet would be groundbreaking Some of the replies to that Glazyev post are informative. Similar to the line of thought I had regarding WikiLeaks and sensitive war-causing documents, could we expect people immediately affiliated with Glazyev to be the “exoteric Putinists” similar to the alt-lite’s relation toContinue reading

Intrissting Does that remind you of anywhere else? Bombdhad, Iraq? Dronedistan? I saw this–somewhat queasying–suggestion yesterday while reading about potential Australian strategies toward Indonesia that reminds me of this While I know you might not believe me at this point, I actually do think that women have their own valuable perspective on politics. I saidContinue reading

Never heard of any of these It took a shocking amount of thought to get to this point where I’m interested in Russian film. Layers and layers. We might as well have the relations with them that we had with the Soviets, or at least the stereotype we have of the relations we had withContinue reading