Here’s an extreme example to illustrate the difference between “the west and the rest” Yknow, the one who was sawed up and carried off in suitcases never to be seen again? I don’t claim to be able to see this through their eyes either. You see this and think “Animals”, right? I get that too,Continue reading

This is typical for the Russians I’m talking about That French philosopher Laruelle I mentioned yesterday for instance is one of the most radical “newest” theorists alive today and in light of some of these Russians he’s just a basic postwar lib-dem, might as well be a corporate propaganda minister for the American regime- sameContinue reading

The sinister situation in Australia Whitlam was coup’d. An occupation by an occupied power eh? 1972? When was the last time we even had a gov that would need to be coup’d? Researching Australia only allows me to see the sinister nature of the US in sharper detail. “Jeez it’s bad over there… wait aContinue reading

I don’t like being taught to hate myself because I’m a white male, pretty simple, and I think most in my demographic can agree. We definitely don’t like the idea of a new generation, possibly multiple generations of KIDS in our demographic being taught the same poison. Alright, this is my general springboard for theContinue reading

George Santayana’s philosophy of travel might as well be a meditation on exit. I wonder why it’s so rare to find a fellow American exit-enthusiast. Something to do with a subconscious belief in Providence I suspect, or a groundless hope, an anticipation free of all evidence, indeed contrary to all evidence, that our political telosContinue reading

There’s a connection between genocide and piano that might disturb some. I never expected to find people who liked either one, I still don’t really believe it. Especially both, I’d be shocked to see someone support both and the connection between the two. There’s also a near inscrutable connection between these two things and intergenerationalityContinue reading

Look at that, it’s the terrified scratches of Jews on a wall while they’re being fumigated like an insect hive AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Better make sure that never happens again goy or else. Or else what? You’ll push us to halve our psychology so we’re never Hitler-like again, or else what, you’ll make us halve with NIGGERContinue reading

Part of it is quality vs. quantity and they know that. I refuted you five years ago and you could never respond. Since then you’ve been sending distractions on a daily basis. They can never directly reply, they always have to send 100 distractions in place of a reply because they don’t have one. PureContinue reading

It’s crystallized how it’s going to go, likely in years while many of us are still alive. It’s either talk about geopolitics and be an extreme racist or not talk about geopolitics at all, because otherwise you’ll be diametrically misleading. The postwar jewish diversity policy is going to leave the US so weak that itContinue reading

Remember this post about the censorship of the Chinese internet? Tank Man seems to be the prime symbol of rebellion over there. Books approaching a cigarette package, a grasshopper in front of a tire, these are ways to get around the censor there as a sort of underground society. Here is a page with otherContinue reading