So what I’ve noticed is that I’ve been running an orphanage within an orphanage of sorts, and if I exit stage right for a matter of hours most of the kids are overwhelmed with amnesia of what has been said and return back to hive-consciousness. My presence shouldn’t be the thing that keeps you awayContinue reading

If nihilism = the death of god and nihilism is bad (yes there are still people that need to hear this latter part) it’s somewhat mind-boggling that we are so strict in the separation of church and state. Shouldn’t non-nihilism be enforced? The pre-reflective folk altruism, that I’ve been trying for months to demonstrate isContinue reading

Going to innocently leave these two images here out of context … It’s not “evil” to want Indonesia, is it? If the worst case scenario does materialize in 2050, it’s not unrealistic to expect people to be driven to extreme, previously unimaginable options. In the meantime, Montesquieu is another one of those pertinent mountains toContinue reading

Accelerationism and Immigration

Although I’ve wanted to drop all talk related to the immigration debate for about a year now, I’ve persisted because my idiosyncratic interpretation of accelerationism demands that certain cultural problems be solved so that future generations don’t have to deal with them. There’s a dense layer of subtexts and pretexts surrounding the debate that IContinue reading “Accelerationism and Immigration”

Women have their way of playing dirty, men have theirs (as you might understand now). We could both be bad to each other – I saw a tweet the other day about how one couple keeps a coffin in their living room for one to sleep in on the night the other has an affairContinue reading

Just trying to live a quiet life of study amidst the hostilely-upheld illusions of the all too worldly. They seek to maintain tranquility (tranquilization) by keeping people rooted to their vague doctrines on earth regarding human-sameness, and away from the realm of the forms where distinct human types can be delineated. The only ousia permittedContinue reading