Want to explain one of the reasons it’s so easy to perceive the Chinese as “dirty orientals”? You know there was a “reactionary holocaust” in a couple countries last century, right? And what did that leave them? Proles! Lucky them! Let’s hear what the venerable Chairman Mao himself had to say shall we? As forContinue reading

So, you don’t want to admit that you forfeit by responding to me without referring to me by name (for month after month)? Well that’s expected. The forfeiter never admits they forfeit, their soul is made of soil. Like I’ve been saying all this time, they exist on an inferior plane of being. If theyContinue reading

So what conclusions can we draw from this crypto-dialogue we’ve been having? There are certain groups of people who you don’t have the free speech to criticize, and it’s impossible to initiate a coup against them because even talking about them gets you put on a list and/or canceled both irl and online. It’s impossibleContinue reading

When you think about how recent, how new, this is it starts to make sense why not many have adjusted to it yet I wonder if people will adjust rapidly enough for this process to begin in our lifetimes It all goes back to this If only there was a way to speed things upContinue reading

Humanities major me is trying to wrap my mind around the science in the “villain of Bilderberg’s” lowkey dirtybomb today. I like this innocent political gesture, which, made in the context of genomics isn’t innocent at all: As individuals, most members of the new upper class are fine people, personally and professionally. As a group,Continue reading

California is usually thought of as the #1 place in the US people want to disappear into the ocean. I don’t know, in my experience there seems to be something distinctly degenerate about New York City. It’s an all-pervasive superstition that a full-spectrum leveling won’t have any negative consequences for the citizenry. No, I’m sureContinue reading

One of the ultimates of post-Schopenhauerian post-pessimism in the postmodern age is that no Joans, no Penelopes actually exist. And when that’s true, no hope exists either. The sole meme I claim to have innovated is, an hour or so after that face-app was released a while back I made one of Schope smiling, IContinue reading